Intramural softball takes field for spring

Nolan Swenson, Co-Sports Editor

UWO softball has a roster that includes three pitchers, each older than the last leading to a big sister mentality between all of them. This season has seen the debut of Freshman Sydney Nemetz, who is receiving not just training and tutelage from coaches, but from players before her.

Cory Sparks / Advance-Titan
There are three teams in the co-rec league of intramural softball.

Sophomore Mia Crotty and Jr. Maddie fink has stepped up due to their seniority in the sport and program, like Maddie had done the year before with Mia. Sydney said, “during fall ball this year I got put in the pen and She was a really maternal figure.”

Sydney says that Maddie remains a strong figure for both younger pitchers; as, this is Mia’s first collegiate season, due to an injury last year as well as Covid-19. Sydney Said, “Maddie stepped up for both of us because Mia didn’t have a lot of collegiate play time, but Mia was still a great player.”

Maddie is also proud of Mia when it comes to Sydney, she said, “it’s really awesome to see, especially with being a mentor for Mia last year and seeing her do that for Sydney has been awesome.” She talked about the importance of this when she said how important it is to have a reliable set of pitchers.

Sydney is happy with the program as a whole as she said that everyone on the team filled a guidance role, with everyone wanting to improve one another, creating a big sisterhood mentality.

On Tuesday, UWO faced off against Ripon College for a double header. The first game resulted in a Mercy ruling in favor of UWO, with a score of 11-0. The following game wasn’t to the same degree of blowout, but was a nonetheless impressive win against Ripon with a score of 10-2.