The Sister Act of the Damkots

Nolan Swenson, Sports Co-Editor

           Cordelia Damkot
               Louisa Damkot

Sisters Cordelia and Louisa Damkot have entered UWO tennis as both strong singles, and doubles players, exactly what they were hoping to get out of playing together at UWO.

Since they can remember the sisters played exclusively singles, and since joining, they have opened their skill repertoire to playing doubles together under coach Francour.

According to the Damkots’ they’ve accomplished this change in how they’ve played since they were eight, is a hands-off approach form Coach Francour which allowed them to feel their chemistry.

The Damkots said this transition worked because of Francour’s hands-off approach, which allowed them to feel out their chemistry.

Cordelia said that “Instead of playing one up one back in our doubles, he’s let us compensate for our lack of experience by both being back row.”

Before their time at UWO, both had a successful career at Sheboygan North High School; Louisa went to state for #1 singles three out of her four years, and Cordelia went to #2 singles once.

This success led them to UWO where they have leaned on each other both as teammates, partners, and sisters.

“It’s nice having such a close family member when I left home,” both Louisa and Cordelia said.

Currently on doubles, the twins have a strong record of 5-3; and on singles, Louisa has a record of 5-6, and Cordelia 8-3.

The sisters have been making the most of the season and each other’s company, appreciative of the opportunity to play again with each other.

“We’re grateful to be able to play tennis together at Oshkosh and have really enjoyed this experience together,” both said. “Tennis has been a component of our relationship because we’ve played together for a really long time, and we’re getting more time now.”