Herd falls to the Charge

Nolan Swenson, Sports Co-Editor

The Wisconsin Herd fell to the Cleveland Charge in a high scoring game on Tuesday Feb. 14.

The score of the night’s game was 128-120, and was the Herd’s (6-14) fourth time this season losing to the Charge (10-8).

The game started with an early Cleveland lead, with the Herd trailing by eight after the first quarter.

The Herd spent the next two quarters attempting to close the gap, ending both quarters with one point less than the Charge.

In the final quarter Wisconsin was able to score more points, however it wasn’t enough to undo the damage of the previous three quarters and the Herd took another loss against the Charge.

During the game Lindell Wigginton scored 34 points, making him the highest scorer of the game. 18 points of which came from 6 three-point shots, where he had 50% accuracy.

Another big Herd player of the night was Alize Johnson, who stayed on top of the ball scoring 20 rebounds and scoring 25 points.

This loss comes after an even larger loss against the Delaware Blue Coats (13-5) of 166-139 on Saturday Feb. 11.

The beginning of the game saw Wisconsin keeping pace with Delaware, lagging only a single point behind. After the first quarter however, the Blue Coats accelerated when the Herd could not, eventually racking up the lead to 27 points.

Despite the loss Paris Bass dropped a franchise record 50 points in the game, however that was not enough to spare the team from the defeat.

The Wisconsin Herd will face off next against the Texas Legends (6-11) in an away game on Feb. 24.