Mineshaft Restaurant and Game Room review

Cassidy Kennedy, Staff Writer

Looking for a fun night out with family or friends? Go check out the Mineshaft Restaurant and Game Room.

Mineshaft is located at 2041 S. Koeller St. in Oshkosh and is open every day of the week, with varied hours depending on the day.

“The Mineshaft seats over 500 people and serves over 10,000 guests weekly, which brings the total served to over half a million people annually,” Tom Masters, the owner of Mineshaft, said.

This unique venue is themed like a mineshaft and has a variety of features, including a restaurant, bar area and game room, which makes it fun for all ages.

The restaurant has a wide variety of food for everyone and has special features for breakfast, lunch and dinner.

Mineshaft also has daily specials that include family night pizza, all-you-can-eat Mexican buffet, build your own burger or chicken sandwich, buy one pizza get one free, all-you-can-eat fish and a rib dinner.

Mineshaft is very family friendly because it allows kids to go play in the game room while parents can sit and enjoy a nice meal and drink.

Mineshaft is not just for families, but it also makes for a nice date night out.

Madison College sophomore Quin Logan took his girlfriend to Mineshaft on a date night and said it was super fun because they got to play trivia while eating and then played in the game room after they finished.

“It was a very fun experience because I have never been to any place like this that has both a restaurant and game room in it,” Logan said. “I was happy I got to take my girlfriend there because we can’t stop talking about how much fun it was.”

The game room is filled with endless fun for everyone.

The newly remodeled 5,000 square foot game room cost $2 million, but it added dozens of new games.

Anyone who is interested in the game room will first want to purchase a swipe card, where they obtain credits that they use for each game.

The number of credits put on the card depends on the amount a person wishes to pay for, and the credits vary between games.

They have games for all skill sets for everyone to enjoy.

“My favorite game was probably the basketball connect four because I beat my girlfriend each time and it was super fun to play,” Logan said. “I also enjoyed the racing games as well as mini bowling.”

One fun option is the game room special, which includes one large pizza, one-hundred credits and a pitcher of soda or beer for $37.

There are tons of different prizes depending on how many tickets you win, and you are able to cash the tickets in for any prize of your choice at the end.

Mineshaft is definitely worth a trip if you are looking for something fun and new to experience with a little competition and good company.