Sorority helps transfer student make new friends


Courtesy of Emily Carlson. — UW Oshkosh is celebrating National Transfer Student Week, and Emily Carlson, a transfer student, encourages other students interested in transferring schools to be open to everything.

Lexi Wojcik-Kretchmer, Staff Writer

Transferring schools can be a difficult transition. For some students, like Emily Carlson, they get some help with the transition by becoming part of Greek Life.

Carlson, a senior and secondary education English major, began her college experience at the University of Northern Iowa, but didn’t find it to be the right fit for her.

Carlson said, “During my year at University of Northern Iowa, I did not make a lot of friends and after I ended my time there, I had no one to turn to besides my family and friends from home.”

With the help of her friends and family, she decided to attend UW Oshkosh and join her friend from high school who loved UWO life.

Together, Carlson and her friend decided to go through formal sorority recruitment to grow their friend circle.

“I wanted to branch out and meet new people … that I could talk to about real stuff and have positions that would help [me] become a strong woman, like it did for my stepmom who was in a sorority,” Carlson said.  

Once she walked into the four recruitment rooms, she knew she’d found her people.

Ultimately, she found her home and lifelong friends in Alpha Xi Delta, one of four sororities on campus. In addition, her positions as sisterhood director and her current role of campus activities director have helped her grow as a person.

Carlson said, “At my old university, I felt like an outsider, but joining a sorority has helped me make so many new friends.”

Reflecting on her past experiences, Carlson says she is glad she transferred because of the new relationships and opportunities Greek Life has given her.

Her advice for any transfer student, whether interested in Greek life or not, is to be open to everything.

“Put yourself out there. I know it’s really scary but it helps you make so many new friends!”

UW Oshkosh is one of the top transfer schools in the nation and makes up a large portion of the student body at UWO. From Oct. 18-22, UW Oshkosh is celebrating National Transfer Student Week.