Sorority recruitment changes format


Photo: Sam Sasin — Sorority recruitment will be less stressful this semester due to a change in procedures.

Mattie Beck, Arts and Entertainment Editor

Sorority recruitment occurs every fall, but this year’s recruitment will be more relaxed and better fit for students’ schedules. Angie Zemke, fraternity and sorority life program adviser, sees the change as one that will benefit female students. 

“Changing the recruitment process to provide the flexibility students require to balance their school and personal responsibilities, and to offer a more authentic view of sorority life, is just another example of that dedication to growth,” Zemke said. 

The recruitment process is a long one that takes place during the start of the school year, and the change is providing a schedule that benefits all those involved. 

“Previously, the recruitment process spanned an entire weekend and interested women were required to attend three days of events that could be up to five hours long,” she said.

Sorority recruitment is now shorter, with sessions not taking up as much time.

“The new process is spread out allowing for smaller 30-to-60-minute increments that fit into schedules a lot easier,” Zemke said, “It is also a lot less “formal” meaning that women are encouraged to come as they are showing their unique personalities and style.”

The new recruitment process will provide a more relaxed atmosphere to give insight into what sorority life may look like. 

“It isn’t about the fancy TikTok trends or what people wear,” she said. “It is about getting to know one another and finding authentic connections with other women on campus.”

Zemke hopes students going through the recruitment process will find it easier to be themselves. 

“Each woman brings her own unique personality, authentic style and diverse background to our community, enriching the experience for everyone,” Zemke said. 

Sam Sasin, panhellenic vice president of recruitment, is also preparing herself for this new style of recruitment. 

“I am a little nervous since this is the first time we are doing this type of recruitment,” she said. “I hope we can execute it as well as we have planned!” 

Sasin is taking the same approach as Zemke and believes the change will benefit those involved. 

“All the data suggests that for the size of our community, this type of recruitment will help us grow, which is what we need right now,” Sasin said. “I hope that it will draw more women because of the flexibility this structure provides.”

Even with the nerves present, Sasin is still finding herself looking forward to elements of the recruitment process. 

“I am excited to spend more time with all of the PNMs [potential new members] and recruitment counselors. There will be more opportunities to hang out casually and get to know everyone,” Sasin said. 

Sasin  encouraged girls to be themselves throughout the recruitment process.

“My best advice for anyone looking to go through recruitment is to fully be yourself,” she said. “That is the best way you will find out which girls you mesh with the most.” 

Sorority recruitment runs from  Sept. 19 through Oct. 1. For more information, go to