Club Spotlight: Anthropology Club


Courtesy of Anthropology Club / Anthropology Club hosts many events throughout the semester including pub nights and more.

Mattie Beck, Arts & Entertainment Editor

Anthropology club helps bring UW Oshkosh students together and gives them the opportunity to learn about anthropological and multicultural views of the world. 

The club also is meant to help students develop leadership and communication skills, along with building professor-student relationships and out-of-classroom experiences. 

Gloria Eddy, club president, said the club’s main benefits are the relationships gained and the studies learned.

“You get to interact with students and faculty across all of the subfields,” she said. “Anthro club reminds us that it is important for these subfields to interact because every subfield is equally important to the discipline of anthropology as a whole.”

Eddy said the club can also help students in and out of the classroom. 

“[A] benefit is that we have a lot of events that involve the anthropology department professors,” she said. “Creating relationships with your professors is very important as a college student… it can aid you in finding jobs or internships, help you get into grad school, and guide you in deciding what to do after undergrad in general.”

Along with allowing space to network with professors and meet other students, the club also hosts events for members to attend. 

“Our events are meant to be relaxing and fun while also creating important relationships with others in your field,” Eddy said. “During our events we have a great time and it’s fun being able to interact with peers and professors outside of a classroom setting.”

Some of the events held by the Anthropology Club include anthropology jeopardy, a pizza party with the department professors and pub nights. 

“We also try to get more people excited about anthropology by hosting speaker events,” Eddy said, adding that later this semester they have a forensic dentist coming to speak on campus. 

She recommends those who are interested in anthropology in any way join the club. 

“Events are a great environment to ask questions about anything including classes, the different subfields, opportunities, and anything else,” she said. 

Her favorite thing about the club is the people she’s met and the friendships she’s made.

“I’ve personally made a lot of friends being in anthro club and having friends who are pursuing the same major as you or have the same interests as you can make college a lot more enjoyable,” Eddy said. 

The UWO club began decades ago.

“The club has been around since the late 1980s or early 1990s, but since then it hasn’t always been active,” she said. “During COVID, the club hit a period of inactivity and we’ve been trying to increase participation in the club ever since.”

Since the pandemic, the club has gained more members every semester.

If you’re interested in joining the club, contact Eddy at ; information for club meetings are found on the third floor of Swart Hall.