Rec Center Homecoming Events

Mattie Beck, Assistant Arts & Entertainment Editor

Homecoming was full of plenty of fun events this year, with students in residence halls and Greek Life alike competing in various challenges.

Multiple events were set up for organizations to compete outside the Student Recreation and Wellness Center on Oct. 21, including an inflatable obstacle course, a cornhole tournament and an egg toss.

Lindsay Bons, a senior and a member of the sorority Alpha Xi Delta, said she had a lot of fun this year with the events, even though they were different than previous years.

Mattie Beck / The Advance-Titan

“We used to play flag football instead of the obstacle course, but this is actually more fun,” Bons said, “because you can have more people use their skills.”

Bons said she was also very happy to have Homecoming back after having no activities last year due to COVID-19.

“It’s nice to see the fraternities, sororities and residence halls come together again because otherwise, everyone was just there and not participating,”
Bons said.

The events brought student organizations together, with members competing side by side in all events.

While some were happy to see Homecoming back like other years, others were happy to get to experience the activities for the first time.

Alli Jauquet, a sophomore and member of the sorority Zeta Tau Alpha, was able to experience Homecoming events for the first time and was excited to be a part of it.

“Honestly it’s kinda fun,” said Jauquet. “We did events every day for high school like this, so it’s kinda fun getting to do it again.”

Jauquet said she is happy to be a part of Greek Life during Homecoming, as it provides a lot of opportunities to participate and meet others.

Homecoming events are a great way to bring people together, Jaquet said, as each event requires partners to work together.