Club Spotlight: UWO Hip Hop Dance Team


Photo courtesy: Megan Marcks– The UWO Hip Hop Dance Team competes and performs.

Mattie Beck, Arts & Entertainment Editor

While UW Oshkosh has a traditional dance team on campus, there is an opportunity for those looking for a more

upbeat dance team. The UWO Hip Hop Dance Team performs around campus at halftime shows, competitions, and

other events around campus. Megan Marcks, a senior at UWO and captain of the team, said the team provides

opportunities for people to grow and learn in hip hop dance. “The team is committed to strive for the best, learn new

skills, and appreciate the many styles of hip hop,” Marcks said. On campus, the team has performances at the

sporting events. “We perform at men/women’s UWO basketball games during halftime,” Marcks said. “The UWO

Hip Hop Dance Team supports the university by entertaining the crowd at various performances and is involved in

many events around campus and within the community.”


Along with performing, the team competes throughout the area at local high schools. “We are doing four

competitions this season,” Marcks said. “We go to local high schools and compete against other collegiate teams.”

Competing is not only for the dancers to show off their skills, but also to draw an early interest into the team Marcks

said.“Competitions are also a great way to highlight our team for high school students to think about joining in the

future,” Marcks said. “Trophies are also awarded to top performances.”


Marcks favorite part of being on the team is the atmosphere and the people she gets to meet throughout. “We do lots

of team bonding and team pictures which is really fun,” Marcks said. As a captain, Marcks also has the chance to

work on choreography for the team. “As a captain I really enjoy creating the music soundtrack and coming up with

the choreography for the team to teach the team,” Marcks said. “I really enjoy being a part of this team.”


For those looking to join the hip hop dance team, all are welcome to try out according to Marcks. “All students are

welcome to tryout for this team,” Marcks said. “No dance experience is needed.” For tryouts, students will be asked

to perform short routines. “For tryouts each individual learns a short routine and some tricks, and then on the last

day of tryouts they perform their skills in front of the captains,” Marcks said. Fall tryouts are done for this semester,

but next semester, students interest in joining will be able to try out for the team.