Everyone loves snow days… except commuters


Courtesy of PxHere / The News Editor of the A-T Anya Kelley puts it perfectly, saying “I don’t think one lecture is worth my life.”

Anya Kelley, News Editor

In America, over 1,300 die in vehicle accidents due to icy, snowy or slushy conditions annually, according to the Federal Highway Administration (FHWA).

The FHWA also estimates that about 900 people per year die in a crash during snowfall or sleet. 

So, why the hell am I still expected to risk my life for classes when there’s bad weather?

It’s been a pretty mild winter this year, but when we get hit, we get hit hard. 

As a commuter student, weather is something I pay close attention to. Especially because I have to drive 30 minutes to get to campus. 

Classes rarely get canceled (thank you for canceling during snowstorm Olive, UWO) so I usually have to decide for myself what’s going to be the safest option.

If 511 Wisconsin is telling me the roads have basically turned into an amateur ice skating rink, I usually decide against driving. 

I’m a pretty responsible student. I always email my professors at least an hour before classes start to let them know I’ll be absent.

I even give them a list of everything I’ll get done for their class and ask if there’s anything else they’d like me to do… that’s more than most can say!

Sometimes, they’re totally chill with it. But every now and then you have that one professor who says that it isn’t an excuse and that you’ll have to use one of your “free days” or suffer a penalty. 

Last time I checked, I’m paying for my spot here. Even if I was skipping just for the sake of skipping, why do they care?

I don’t think one lecture is worth my life. I mean, the average net worth of people under the age of 35 in the U.S. is about $14,000. So, in theory, my life is worth about one semester of school here.

I think professors sometimes need to take a step back and realize it’s really not that serious. If their kid was commuting, would they want them driving in perilous conditions? 

If we’re staying home from classes, maybe don’t assume the worst. And hey, even if you do, you’re still getting paid, so mind your own business.