Web editor says goodbye

Lauren Reidinger, Web Editor

I can still remember my first day walking to classes as a freshman at UWO. I was totally lost on where the labs were in Clow, wondering where I could find time to eat lunch in between 10 minutes of passing time and how I’d pick a seat in a 150-person lecture pit. But I was completely ready for this next chapter in my life.

I am grateful for my decision to attend UWO and look back with no regrets, as this was the only college I applied for. My older sister, dad and many relatives received their degree here, and it felt right that I would follow in their footsteps.

Lauren sitting on the Sage Hall sign, as majority of her journalism classes were here.

I was hoping my goodbye was still a distant leap, but sadly it came sooner than expected once the COVID-19 pandemic took our world by storm and sent us spiraling into chaos, confusion and loss.

All students were forced off campus and told to do online schooling from home. It’s the scenario no one saw coming, but the one we got.

I couldn’t say goodbye to my professors, friends or campus the way I intended, but nevertheless I will return one day for my final goodbye.

As my time at UWO nears the end, I look back on the friendships I made, the memories I created and education I received here, and I am so fortunate to continue on into the next chapter of my life with these attributes.

I’d like to thank my mom, dad and sister for their endless support day in and day out through these crazy four years. They are truly the greatest treasure I have, and I wouldn’t be the person I am today without them.

From moving in and out of two dorms and two houses, driving two hours to pick me up and bring me back home, sending care packages on holidays and just a facetime away when needed, they were there.

I’d also like to thank all my journalism professors, as they each helped me in different ways to understand my true passion for advertising and the possibilities I’m capable of.

I’d like to specifically thank Barb Benish for her endless support in my college career from being my professor, motivator, email buddy at 10 p.m. and friend. She has pushed me to be my best self and basically told me to get involved with the Advance-Titan. I was not disappointed and had no regrets.

From being the assistant web editor, promoted to web editor shortly after, writing stories and earning an awesome internship with the Wisconsin Journalism Education Association, she was the backbone to those successes.

If I were to give any advice to a journalism student, it would be to build a strong relationship with Barb as she will help you build a strong résumé, outstanding portfolio and push you to be a better writer with AP style. LOL.

I’m not sure how to say goodbye to the best part of my life, but maybe it will be the stepping stone into the next best. It is a very bittersweet moment for me to graduate as I am so proud to earn my degree, but so sad to be done with my education and college life.

For a final send off, I’d like to encourage all college students to cherish their time at their university, regardless of pandemics that storm in or those overwhelming feelings of stress from homework, exams and other college-related things. 

Enjoy them, cherish them and never forget them because time moves faster than we think.

Thank you UWO for giving me a home, education, sense of belonging, friendships, memories and for making me who I am today. Hail Titans forever!

Love, Lauren.