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Mike Johrendt, Sports Editor

What. A. Ride.

Four years ago, if someone was to ask me where I saw myself in my senior year of college, being head sports editor having traveled 5,744 miles (roughly) all across the country to cover football and both basketball teams would have never crossed my mind. And yes, I did actually find time to go through and count the total distance traveled, but don’t @ me questioning my math.

With my senior year’s final week closing in and my UW Oshkosh career winding down, the type of niche that I carved out in my four years here is quite astounding when looking back at it.

I never would have thought that I would have become a part of such a great group of people, especially without knowing anyone when I arrived on campus in 2014. Through classes, activities, clubs and the newspaper, I am very thankful for all the people that made my stay at UWO a four-year-long dream that I now have to wake up from.

Starting with The Advance-Titan, in no particular order (besides the first person), these folks have all made my campus writing career one for the ages: Laura Dickinson, Neal Hogden, Calvin Skalet, Collin Goeman, Morgan Van Lanen, and even the graduated folks Ti Windisch and Alex Nemec.

Laura, you’re pretty awesome and I think Koretzky was on to us, just saying. You have been the rock that I needed to get through the latter part of my college career, and I wouldn’t have wanted anyone else to have been that for me.

Calvin aka Chip aka Cal and Neal McBeal the Navy Sea, no wonder y’all turned out to be so good at what you do for the paper, you once worked as my assistant; there are no other reasons why you turned out so good. Regardless, thanks goes out to both of you folks for helping keep me sane on Wednesdays and showing me that Georgia and Bucks games go hand in hand.

I appreciate all you did for the paper, and while you are great writers, you are even greater people. Keep killing the game next year.

Collin, your appreciation for the shittiness of Wisconsin sports gave me a great respect for you, especially the Bucks. You made Campus Connections what it is now and you’ll keep going just as hard after graduation. Just remember: sports, sports, sports.

Morgan, I gotta hand it to you, I have no idea how you dealt with me as assistant sports editor last year. Regardless, gotta thank you for being a good friend and coworker, and good luck finishing out your UWO career next year!

Old folks Ti and Alex, you both really helped show me the reigns in the newsroom and how to a part of the folksy A-T. You both are out being successful and you’ve given me that determination to keep going, I appreciate you both for that.

Outside of the paper, special shoutouts go out to Colton Moc, Kenzie Winkelman, Jordan Crass and Hannah Weber for all being the great friends that they are. Colton, you got screwed over for having to live with me for four years, I’ll be honest. Shout out to you for putting up with me in the same living quarters for that long.

Jordan and Kenzie, I only lived with you both for two years, but that is longer than I would have expected, so I give you credit for that. Thanks to you both for everything you have done for me, especially showing me how sarcasm truly does work.

Hannah, getting me to actually work is a difficult thing and you have kept me in line at work for a few years now, so thanks for that. I appreciate everything you have done for me these past few years and being a good friend!

There are countless others who I did not directly mention by name in this article, but I greatly appreciate your help and contributions across my academic career. It was best to limit the amount of people mentioned to keep the word count down, plus there is only so much I can say about my time here.

I wouldn’t have changed a thing about my last four years at Sloshkosh, and I really do appreciate everyone that I have met along the way. You all are awesome.

Dirty Mike out for the final time.

Forever and always, Bucks in six.