Oct. 17, 2015 (2:07 a.m.) Officers responded to Stewart Hall to check the welfare of an 18-year-old male UW Oshkosh student who was seen vomiting and not responsive in the men’s bathroom. It was determined the male was intoxicated but not incapacitated and he was warned for underage consumption of alcohol. He was released to a responsible person. Oct. 18, 2015 (11:34 a.m.) An officer reviewing cameras while investigating a disturbance at North Scott Hall observed a 19-year-old resident male UW Oshkosh student assist an unknown male into the residence hall through the basement, by-passing the security station. The non-affiliated male let into the building remains unidentified. The 19-year-old resident male student was cited for bypassing security. Oct. 21, 2015 (1:05 a.m.) Officers along with Oshkosh Fire Department responded to the front lobby of Horizon Village reference a 19-year-old male UW Oshkosh student advising he was having an allergic reaction. Upon arrival it was determined the male subject smoked marijuana and was having a bad reaction. The male subject refused transportation to the hospital by ambulance. A consent search of the male subject’s room was conducted and nothing of evidentiary value was located. The male subject was warned for use of marijuana and released into the care of his roommate. Oct. 21, 2015 (2:47 p.m.) Officers spoke to individuals about a non-affiliated 60-year-old male that was acting suspicious and disruptive during a Campus Crusade for Christ meeting at the Campus Center for Equity and Diversity. CRU members were advised to contact the department if he attends another meeting and the incident was documented. Oct. 22, 2015 (3:08 a.m.) Officers made contact with a 13-year-old non-affiliated male who was walking down the sidewalk adjacent to High Avenue past Kolf Sports Center with no shoes on. The male stated he was walking to his father’s house as his mother and stepfather were arguing at their off campus residence. The male was returned to his mother at her residence, as she was the primary guardian at the time. The male was warned for loitering. Oct. 23, 2015 (11:19 p.m.) While on patrol officers noticed two females acting suspicious in lot 30. Officers made contact with an 18-year-old female resident UW Oshkosh student and a 19-year-old female resident UW Oshkosh student, who stated they were looking for a friend. Both students were warned for underage consumption of alcoholic beverages (2nd) and released. Oct. 25, 2015 (4:30 p.m.) An officer assisted a 22-year-old male non-resident UW Oshkosh student who reported an unknown person had locked their bike to his bike on the Polk Library bike rack. The officer cut the lock, returned the complainant’s bike, and impounded the offending bike for safekeeping.