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Title: Blind Space Writer/Director: Caleb Jablonicky Producer: Victoria Droese Cinematographer: Ryan Taylor Sound Design and Editor: Natty Schuster Summary: Allen lives in a virtual world that never changes, until a boy disrupts his world and forces him to consider what it would take to help another in need. Title: Comfortably Uncomfortable Writer/Director: David Yanish Producer: Anna Kopecky Cinematographer: Lucas Hanson Sound Design and Editor: Sean Becher Summary: A young man with Asperger’s Syndrome is forced out of his night of video games and comic books and must come face-to-face with his worst nightmare: a social life. Title: Discovery of the Soul Writer/Director: Erin Liston Producer: Brock Broberg Cinematographer: Cambria Garvelink Sound Design and Editor: Natty Schuster Summary: Ry wakes up from a sexual dream about his friend Sammy and becomes confused about his sexuality. He goes on a journey of self discovery with his best friend, Holland, in order to figure out more about his new discovery. After suffering a small heartbreak, he finds the strength, with Holland’s support, to move on to a new possible love. Title: Proud of You Written/Director: Amanda Beistle Producer: Victoria Droese Cinematographer: Ryan Taylor Sound Design and Editor: Sean Becher Summary: Adam travels home for his final holiday break before college graduation and is met with hostility from Emma, his younger sister. Until now, he has been oblivious to the favoritism put on him by his parents that has divided their family. Title: The Diner Director: Lindsey Frieler Producer: Sam Murphy Writer/Cinematographer: Keaton O'Neill Sound Design and Editor: Josh Hedge Summary: Journey into the mind of a man as a violent event occurs at Producer: Brock Broberg Cinematographer: Lucus Hanson Sound Design and Editor: Anna Kopecky Summary: David, an average college student, stumbles upon a chalkboard during a class break. Out of curiosity, he decides to leave a message. The following day, someone replies to him. The exchange goes on for days between David and this mysterious replier. Perhaps someone is pranking him? Maybe it's a girl he likes? Or maybe... it's a ghost?! Title: Attack of the Llama Men Writer/Director: Chance Smith Producer: Sam Murphy Cinematographer: Keaton O'Neill Sound Design and Editor: Josh Hedge Summary: Ryan, a recent college graduate, hates his job, his friends, and his life. With no sleep and no hope, he crawls into a dryer in search of a better life. But the Llama Men have other plans." data-ratio="0" class="unscaled" />
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May 3, 2018
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May 3, 2018
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May 3, 2018


May 3, 2018
Even though March seems to be taken over by college basketball every year, any UW Oshkosh student knows that the sporting event taken the most serious on campus is drinking. Bracket mania as well as a great run by the UW Oshkosh men’s basketball team inspired our staff at the Advance-Titan to make a bracket of our own. It’s time to finally decide the age-old question: which bar is best? Dive/Townie 1 Jabroni vs. 4 Mabel Murphy’s This first round matchup between neighboring taverns will be one to watch, with the heavyweight Jabroni as a favorite to win out the region. When it comes down to it, the contest will be decided on whether or not you want to walk the extra 30 feet from one bar to another. 3 Magnet VS 2 Distillery Pub Many tavern fans around Oshkosh were upset with the snub of D-pub as the two seed, so they will have something to prove when they look to advance and face Jabroni’s in the conference final. However, don’t completely count out Magnet, the favorite pool hall of many on campus and surrounding Oshkosh. Campus/ place to get faced 3 French VS 2 Molly’s In a region stacked with elite drinkers, which lady’s night host will come out on top? This will likely be the most even matchup in the tournament, and the winner should make for a championship favorite moving forward. 4 Scott Hall’s VS 1 Kelly’s Making the tournament on the bubble, the widespread opinion across campus felt that a dorm should not be able to participate in the tournament, but a strong showing from seventh floor says otherwise. This will be a tall order, though, as they are set to face perennial powerhouse Kelly’s Bar in round one. Pub & Grill 1 Varsity VS 4 Ruby Owl This could make for the most lopsided matchup in the tournament. Graduate students will have to come together to push Ruby Owl to the next level as they face downtown favorite Varsity in round one. 3 Legends VS 2 Bar 430 Sports bar takes on eatery in an interesting choice between the old and the new. What makes this matchup unique is that food rather than booze could decide the winner. Taphouse/Beer Garden 4 Fletch’s VS 1 Peabodies Newcomer Fletch will have to come up big against Peabodies in round one, whose strong beer garden game and summer festivities could very well carry them to the top in the tournament. 2 Oblio’s VS 3 Barley and Hops The other two downtown beer gardens will look to show that they can compete with powerhouse Peabody’s, but will first have to prove they are at least second best in another tight matchup between downtown drinkeries.


March 29, 2018
There’s only a few days left until spring break, and you’re almost there! Before you head out to your vaction destination, whether it’s a beach or a couch, take some advice from Dean of Students Art Munin and Advance-Titan cartoonist Lee Marshall. How do you stay motivated the week before break? ART: Keep moving. Winter can make you lethargic. You have to get to the rec, you have to get outside, get moving. Keep your body in motion so you can keep your mind in motion. LEE: I stay motivated by thinking about how many people will probably reject me while I’m on spring break. What are some ways to stay entertained on a long car ride? ART: I need to be entertained in a lot of car rides, so I listen to a lot of podcasts. My favorite right now is called West wing weekly. Also listening to music, I always have my personal playlist on a constant spin. LEE: Make faces at the other people driving by. I do it all the time and the reactions are well worth it. How to handle an exam the week after spring break? ART: Of course, I would be studying diligently on my spring break, or I would plead with my professor for flexibility. LEE: You'll be fine. If you fail, you should just be thankful that you even had an exam that you could fail. A lot of kids don’t even get the opportunity to have an exam that they can potentially fail. Best spring break destination(s)? ART: My spring break destinations right now are either a couch or a la-z-boy. The only other one is, now that it’s finally getting warmer out, getting outside and taking a hike. LEE: Anywhere where the girls rate me higher than a 3. Probably Arkansas or Alabama. Some tips for when you're out on the beach? ART: Plan ahead, plan for your sunscreen, drink enough water, stay hydrated and have a blast. LEE: Keep an eye out for people passed out, then use sunscreen to draw phallic symbols on him so that by the time they wakes up there will be a sunburnt imprint of whatever you drew. What's in your beach bag? ART: In my beach bag is all of my kid’s garbage. All of their goggles, toys, and stuff like that. At this stage of my life, i’m not allowed to have things myself, it's just their things that i'm in charge of. LEE: A couple beers, sunscreen and probably a picture of Jesus to watch over me. How to deal with sharing a small hotel room with a group of friends? ART: I wouldn't, I would not share a small hotel room with my friends. I would deal with that by finding another hotel and having them let me know when it’s time for dinner. LEE: Sleep naked. You’ll get a bed to yourself. Any other tips to make sure you come back alive/ not in jail? ART: Just imagine what you do will be on the front page of the newspaper and your grandmother will read it. LEE: Nah. You’re probably going to die or go to jail.

Spring break tips

March 15, 2018
The Bar: The bar is pretty far from campus, so sadly you won’t be able to stumble home on foot after a dozen wings and even more beers. However, you can’t argue with solid quality wings and drink deals. The only downside is that, despite having over 20 unique sauces to choose from, they don't toss their bone-in wings in the sauce for you, you’ll have to dip them yourself. This becomes a problem when balancing sauce to wing ratio, but they’re crispy and only 50 cents a piece from Sunday to Tuesday, so if you have a DD, give them a try. Molly Mcguire’s Yes, Mollys serves wings, not just liquid. Well, on Mondays, they probably serve an equal amount of both. Along with some monster sized chicken wings and drumsticks for only 25 cents, they also offer 25 cent tap beer, usually served via trays of 20. So don’t worry, you definitely won’t get thirsty when you’re mowing down some rotisserie sized wings. Luckily, Molly’s is located right next to campus, so you won’t need to go far to spice up your Monday’s! The Varsity Club For those who don’t like to sit still, Varsity is the place for wings. You can’t go wrong with a huge pool hall along with 25 cent wings on Tuesdays along with dollar burgers on Mondays. There is a one drink minimum if you want the wing deal, but hey, most plan on having many more than one drink, so it works out. The wings aren’t anything special, smallish size with 5 sauces to choose from, but the entertainment makes it a good spot for a group to grab some food and drinks early in the week. Ruby Owl Tap Room Ruby Owl bucks the trend of wings and brews by offering whiskey and wing wednesdays, 25 cent wings along with discounted whiskey flights from 3:00 p.m. to close. The wings aren’t groundbreaking, pretty average size and taste, but the whiskey flights make for good nights. The atmosphere is going to be a little higher class though, so maybe consider moving on to another pub later in the evening if you feel the need to drink more whiskey and eat less chicken wings.

Just wingin’ it

March 1, 2018
Spring semester can be rough. To help solve some of those syllabus week problems, Chancellor Leavitt and Campus Connections Editor Collin Goeman tackle some common issues that can come with beginning a new semester.

Spring semester advice

February 8, 2018

Ross offers fresh view

October 12, 2017
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