CC editor is forced to use crossword puzzle, resigns

Collin Goeman, Campus Connections Editor

It’s fitting that I start this sendoff the day before it must be done, down in the newsroom that’s become a home away from home.

That’s how my experience started at The Advance-Titan, flying by the seat of my pants, not sure what I’m supposed to do or if I’m even doing it right. But all the stress, late nights and deadlines have all been worth it for the experience I had in the newsroom, and the people along the way.

Even though 1,500 word novels for more senior send offs are great and all, I’m gonna do my best to keep this short and sweet. Besides, the odds are, like most of my articles, the only person who will read this far is my mom (hi mom.)
The A-T has been the most valuable experience and most important thing to my in my college career. When I first started writing, I didn’t foresee my college newspaper becoming my main outlet and workload. I was just trying to pass my classes and get a resume builder on the side.

Instead of an extracurricular, I got a whole new group of lifelong friends, an awesome mentor, many headaches, a ton of stress, a hundred cherry bombs and even more all-you-can-drink cups.
The experience I gained at the A-T is invaluable for my career, but pretending that professional crap is the most important thing it gave me would be wrong. I’m thankful for the folks that got me through it with my sanity intact (if I had any before, that is.)

My goal as an editor was to never use a puzzle page, but I just had to fill some room here, so I had no choice. Enjoy.
P.S. Morgan, I couldn’t fit your name in the crossword, so I just wanted to thank you for pushing me to apply for CC editor and for being a great boss.