Trash is finally taken out at A-T


Susan Lor

Nikki Brahm, Assistant News Editor

Three years ago I entered the dreaded yet required web design course for all journalism majors and I sat next to none other than Ti, news editor of the Advance-Titan at the time. After recently deciding to ditch PR and pursue writing and editing, Ti encouraged me to write my first article for the Advance-Titan, a riveting piece about Fletcher Hall’s renovations.

From there, my journey at the A-T began after a one-year break (sorry Ti).
I’m so grateful for all of the experiences the A-T has given me. I’ve been able to meet countless interesting people, write a multitude of stories and create lasting friendships.

First I would like to thank Barb. You’ve been something like a second mom to me since I had you in Writing for the Media sophomore year. Your class encouraged me to pursue a field where my heart is. Thank you for all of your guidance and for giving me the confidence to do so much during my time here at UWO.

Vince, thank you for encouraging me to interview for an editor position at the A-T. Your reporting class taught me a lot and whipped me into the writer I am now.

Christina, thank you for being a great friend to me this past year and for being able to stand sitting next to me for hours upon hours every Wednesday night.

Calvin and Evan, I’m happy Whit introduced me to you, even if it was at sticky French. I know our friendships will be long-lasting. Calvin and Neal, you guys have been great leaders at the A-T and have taught me a lot.

Neal, thanks for saying you needed to grab me and get out of the A-T, and for proceeding to grab a bag of trash. It’s a fitting final confidence booster after my long journey here at UWO.

To the rest of the newsroom, thank you. Wednesday nights have felt like a wonderful yet dysfunctional family. I’m going to miss them.

Lastly, I wanted to thank my school for providing us with a year filled with scandal. You made this last year a fun one for the newsroom. Also, thanks for giving me a degree.

Nikki (Gossip Girl)