School should come before relationships

Whitney Free

While in college, everything seems so much harder and a lot more stressful, mainly because it is. If one isn’t stressed out enough about school, adding the worry of being “forever alone” can drive someone insane. Although some couples can handle it, trying to fit dating into a busy schedule of class, homework and work can be nearly impossible. If one is not busy, finding someone on campus who will get mom and dad’s approval can be even harder. One of the first problems many have when trying to find someone datable is the willingness of others to meet someone anywhere. The girl or guy that was out at the club last Saturday may not be the type to commit or have the same intentions in mind. “Everything is different when alcohol is involved,” senior Chloe Sams said. “Meeting someone for the first time, when they’re intoxicated isn’t always the best way to meet someone when you’re interested in dating someone seriously. And if you do meet someone this way, and not one of your dates is during the day and not involving alcohol, it just goes to show how unserious the other person is.” With bars taken out of the equation, it seems like there are not many other places one can feel outgoing and confident to talk and meet new people, but there are. “I think the best places to meet someone is in a class or through mutual friends,” UWO student Mallory Beckman said. And this is true; it is easier to trust that someone will have good intentions when it comes to dating when a mutual friend is involved. Technology also makes things interesting when it comes to dating in college. Yes, there are plenty of dating websites out there, are these the tactics that should be used to find love, or is being 22 still young enough to wait for love to find us? According to, 38 percent of visitors on eHarmony fell in the age range of 35 to 49 and 20 percent were over 50, so that leaves 42 percent of its user sto be 18-34, which is a very large age range. This large age range is especially strange since the majority of 18 year olds aren’t looking for a 30 year old significant other. Using eHarmony may not be a smart way to find a date, unless you are looking for someone a bit older. The dating app Tinder has emerged as one of the most popular options for students to meet new people. “I felt like I was looking through some kind of weird catalogue,” David Wygant from the Huffington Post said in his article titled “The Shocking Truth about Tinder.” So if one is hoping to find a date based off a few selfies and a shallow 500 word description, Tinder is the app to use. Seriously, for all the single students out there, what’s the big deal about being single? As cliché as it may sound, that special someone will come when it’s least expected, so students should stop wasting their time worrying about it. As a single college student, one is not tied down at a time when there are so many important decisions that need to be made. When one is in a relationship, he or she can’t always make the decision that is best for individual success and is often pressured by his or her significant other. Students should stop worrying about trying to find a date because being single really isn’t that bad. For those who are looking to find a date, don’t just settle for someone who may not be the best choice. These are the years to find ourselves and become who we are, so make your goals first priority and adding someone to the mix second.