A bucket list for your UWO career

1. Wear sweatpants all day in public 2. Take a Titan Day 3. Park illegally in school lots 4. Take the elevator to the second floor of Sage 5. Pretend you aren’t gasping for air after walking up to the third or fourth floor of Sage 6. Get an omelette made by Dawn 7. Go to Blackhawk and get your last buffalo chicken wrap 8. Take advantage of student drink specials one last time 9. Overpay for a Starbucks coffee in Sage Hall 10. Complain about anything on Yik Yak 11. Go to a sporting event 12. Pull an all-nighter 13. Get a massage at the Rec 14. Go rock climbing at the Rec 15. Go swimming at Albee 16. Take a selfie with Clash 17. Sing karaoke in the Titan Underground 18. Actually read a book that was assigned for class 19. Start an assignment earlier than one day before it is due 20. Sleep in Polk during finals week 21. Have a potato bowl from Blackhawk-To-Go 22. Have only coffee or an energy drink as a meal 23. Sit in your favorite professor’s office hours and complain the whole time 24. Use your student ID for discounts at restaurants in the area 25. Read the Advance-Titan