Pinterest sets high standards

Abby Zook

Have you ever wanted to complete a Do-It-Yourself project but didn’t have a clue on how to start? Well, you’re not alone. Pinterest has helped with the troubles of creating the perfect DIY piece of art, but it has also caused some problems.

Pinterest is not just for the DIYers though. Pinterest has turned into a place where any little girl can go and plan her future wedding or find the best Joe Biden memes.

Pinterest has a much bigger audience by reaching a wide variety of people’s interests. It’s setting up people who use the social media website for failure and tragedy.

When looking up these DIY activities, they usually give a step-by-step of how to do the activity, but the pictures themselves are not very helpful. Not only that, but your beautiful piece of art has turned into something that does not resemble the final product on your screen.

Freshman Meghan Mieras said she agrees that when making a project found on Pinterest, the results are not always what you expect.

“Nothing ever turns out like it did on Pinterest,” Mieras said. “Pinterest always looks better.”

This is not the only problem with the wonderful website.

While looking at clothing, you are only looking at the best of the best on these models who are perfect in every way. The clothing may not always look the same on you. And when you go to click on the link to the website you struggle to find what pair of jeans you wanted.

What you thought would be cute pair of jeans turns out to be a cheap version of what you saw online.

In addition, Pinterest has recently bought into buyable pins, which are things on the website that you can buy straight from your social media account. This seems to be something that has opened a completely new can of worms for you and the cookies on your computer.

Pinterest also doesn’t do a fantastic job of filtering its results. So the girl who is picking her homecoming or prom dress is looking at dresses way out of her budget because Pinterest does not filter its results to fit a specific budget. Later on when she goes shopping, she becomes disappointed with what she has in her budget because we all know that sparkles cost money.

However, some may argue Pinterest should only be a starting point. Hannah Hicks, a UWO freshman, said she uses Pinterest as inspiration.

“I use Pinterest a lot and I love getting ideas from Pinterest,” Hicks said. “But normally I go off the ideas I find and make it my own.”

Looking at the opposite side of the argument, perhaps we should only use the famous social media site as a starting point. Just like Wikipedia, we should use it as a point to better our results and get the main gist of things.

Hicks said this does not change the fact that Pinterest does wreck our expectations.

“I guess it ruins my expectations cause they never turn out exactly how they are on Pinterest, but I’m still happy with my end result,” Hicks said.

Pinterest will always be there for us to come up with ideas and try to make them. We can always follow along or try to stray and see what happens. When it comes to DIYing, you need to be creative and work with the flow, but don’t use a social media website to make your project perfect.