A’viands becomes UWO’s new food supplier


Leo Costello

An A’viands employee makes a sub for a UW Oshkosh student at the newly named “Sub Stand” at Reeve Union.

Veteran students at UW Oshkosh may have noticed a change of taste in the food on campus. Expert sniffers might have even noticed a slight change in the smell of the Reeve Marketplace.

Your senses aren’t deceiving you. After years of Sodexo supplying all of the food on campus, their contract with UWO has lapsed this semester, and A’viands (“awe-vee-onds”) has taken the reigns of filling student bellies.

Along with A’viands came Dave Mogensen, the company’s general manager at UWO.

Mogensen said that he didn’t want to change a lot of the broader aspects of food on campus. Each food venue generally still offers the same options, now with more of a focus on fresh and local ingredients.

“We’re trying to get as much local stuff as we can,” Mogensen said.

Along with bringing fresher ingredients to campus, Mogensen said A’viands is focusing on healthier options for students and more options for those with dietary restrictions such as soy milk, gluten-free bread and vegan meals. Soy milk, for instance, is not easily accessible at Blackhawk Commons.

Along with these changes came a slight change in branding at Reeve Union. The “B&G Grill” is now “Reeve Grill,” “Sub Connection” is now “Sub Stand,” “MiTaza” is now “Reeve Coffee House,” and so on.

Those who’ve been on campus for a long time may remember the food stand at Sage Hall being an Einstein Bagels. A’viands currently has it under construction to bring it back.

Additionally, the convenience store in Halsey now offers made-to-order sandwiches for students on the go, Mogensen said.

Mogensen said he has big plans to expand Reeve Grill to a farm-to-table eatery by next semester.

“You won’t see a lot of change this semester, but once we bring in the fresh farm-to-table burger, you’ll know exactly what farm your burger is from,” Mogensen said.

Basil, lettuce and other veggies are still being grown fresh in the enclosed area next to Reeve Grill.

Overall, Mogensen said his biggest priorities are to offer more varied and healthier high-quality options for students to expand the menu options as A’viands finds its footing on campus.

“There are so many things to worry about when you’re in college when you’re on a college campus, and food hopefully is one that you’re not having to worry about,” Mogensen said.

Thanks to the unionized food staff on campus, many of the friendly faces serving and making food have remained at A’viands.

“There are some different standards and things that we’re trying to do to bring up the level of service that the University wanted, so there’s been some training and things along those lines with the staff,” Mogensen said.”