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Course registration nightmare

We’re sick of taking classes we don’t actually need
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By the time you are reading this, you are either successfully registered for spring classes or you’re scrambling to find someone to override holds on your account. Or, maybe you’re shutting your eyes and hoping your schedule will miraculously appear. 

Course registration is such a dreadful time of semester. Students are basing course selections on outdated, ever-changing requirements and wind up wasting money (and efforts) on classes they don’t actually need. It also seems like we (students) always find out we actually need one more course right before graduation. Course registration is a shot in the dark but it doesn’t need to be. 

The curriculum is shifting and students aren’t being notified of such changes. We aren’t even sure if a language requirement will stand true after semester. Not only is this extremely confusing, but we don’t know what classes to take or what will be offered due to the budget deficit and layoffs. 

Our academic advisors are equally as confused as to what they can promise us going forward. This is not very reassuring. Students are having to extend their time in college to complete courses that are only offered certain semesters and/or cram in online classes in order to meet credit requirements. Registration is never a set path, there is always a detour one way or another. 

Every single semester, without fail, I’m praying I’m signing up for the right courses. A small misstep could throw off my  graduation date, so I think it’s really important for UWO to require advising appointments.

Trying to find what courses are right for you is so tricky. If my advisor had not been there to help me every step of the way I definitely would have been even more stressed.

Advisers should also be faculty members who are well-versed in the different paths students can take to be successful and they need to be able to communicate to students effectively about their options. While I’ve been lucky enough to have an adviser that has thoroughly explained my options, I’ve heard of many students leaving their advising appointments even more confused than when they walked in. 

This is probably the case particularly with first-generation students who don’t have the additional resources to learn about the most efficient ways to get through college.

The new process of registering for classes is bound for disaster, especially among upperclassmen. Seniors preparing to graduate and squeaking in their last required classes are having trouble doing so because underclassmen are taking up these spots.

Sometimes we can help but feel like we’re being screwed over on purpose. Time and time again we have heard that tuition is what accumulates the most funding for the schools. When advising magically goes wrong the semester before graduation, it feels like we’re being forced to stay longer. 

Course registration has been terrifying over these past few years. As someone who is set to graduate early, I have been so scared one misstep in my registration will set me off track

Trying to understand the TitanWeb is also a struggle, as everything seems to be in random order with nothing truly set in a way that helps. When I was told to read the courses I’ve taken to make sure I could graduate, online it made it look like I needed so many more than I did. 

There’s no reason for the system to be this outdated. In 2023 we should have a fully functional, easy-to-navigate way to access our advising reports, unofficial transcripts, lists of what courses we need to fulfill, etc. 

It’s become a common meme in the college world that academic advisors are terrible, why is that? We pay so much money to be here, we should get the correct support we need to get in and out in a timely fashion. If we have people in paid positions to assist in our advising, they should be doing just that. 

There’s no excuse for the tears, stress and sleepless nights course registration causes. We deserve better. 

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