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Don’t take away our Scotty’s


There’s been a few rumors going around that Scotty’s Market is being replaced, and I’m sad to say that the rumors are true. According to a Scotty’s worker, the renovations will begin around the start of spring break and are estimated to be completed by September 2024. 

We’ve all heard that Scotty’s is being replaced by a chicken place, and the Food Committee here on campus has said that it’s being turned into some sort of vending-machine-plaza where students get their sandwiches pre-made and pre-packaged from a machine. According to a Scotty’s worker, it’s actually going to be a combination of the two. 

The chicken place is going to replace The Point sub stand and Titan Taco, and the vending machines are going to overtake Scotty’s marketplace.

I can’t speak for everyone here, but I personally like choosing what I put on my sub and knowing that it’s fresh. Scotty’s and Reeve Memorial Union already have a plethora of pre-packaged sandwiches; I can’t imagine why we’d need more. 

As for the chicken place idea, Clash Burger, Titan Underground, Pizza Hut and Blackhawk Commons always have a variety of chicken meals to choose from.

While I understand the rationale that we already have the Sub Stand and Chilaca in Reeve, I know I’m not alone when I say I much prefer going to The Point and Titan Taco. I can see Reeve from my room, but I still choose to walk to Scotty’s whenever I have the time. 

One thing we definitely don’t need more of, however, is vending machines. There’s at least two vending machines in almost every dorm and academic building on campus already, and you can presently get chicken in some form at every single food place at Reeve. 

I already get upset when the vending machines don’t drop my $1.50 Kit-Kat, I can’t imagine how frustrating it would be for the same thing to happen to a $5-6 sandwich.

Besides the practical disadvantages, Scotty’s also just holds a special place in my heart. When I lived in the Scotts my freshman year, the one thing I always could look forward to after a long day of classes was one of their fresh subs and the smiling faces of the staff. Even on the weekends, Titan Taco always had a batch of warm nachos waiting for me. 

While the majority of the Aladdin food staff here at UWO are exceptional, Scotty’s staff had a special opportunity to make it their own; and that they did. Constantly playing good music and always adorning Scotty’s with glistening lights and fun decorations, the staff went out of their way to make Scotty’s cozy and welcoming to freshmen. They achieved this not only by the physical environment, but also through their kindness, lively conversation, and smiling faces.

The worst part is that the university isn’t waiting until we’re out of this 18-million hole to act on these changes, not that we’re even in a spot to be thinking about renovations. Moreover, since Scotty’s is open to the public and has hosted things like EAA in the past, we also have to wonder how these changes will affect Scotty’s revenue. 

I know it’s hard for us Scotty’s lovers to stay positive in a time like this, but remember that you still have until the Friday before spring break to get all the subs, nachos, and PB&J’s your heart desires.

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