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Choose to cut the ties with your social media applications

October 19, 2016

[media-credit id=178 align="alignleft" width="225"][/media-credit] There are five minutes until class starts and you could either engage in a conversation with your fellow classmates, or you could check...

The reason for dysfunction in Madison

October 13, 2016

With so much corruption and foul play in the Capitol, residents of Wisconsin are questioning the integrity of Governor Walker and the current legislature. As the people of Wisconsin begin to witness dysfunction...

As schoolwork piles up, self-care is crucial

October 13, 2016

[media-credit id=157 align="alignleft" width="150"][/media-credit] Surrounded by project deadlines and class readings, it’s easy for students to forget that there’s a world outside Sage and Clow...

The key to inner peace

October 13, 2016

[media-credit id=193 align="alignleft" width="150"][/media-credit] Our generation is afraid of loneliness, but is unable to realize the difference between being alone and being lonely. Being alone...

STAR Report needs major makeover

October 5, 2016

[media-credit id=157 align="alignnone" width="300"][/media-credit] [media-credit id=157 align="alignright" width="150"][/media-credit] UW Oshkosh’s STAR Report may be moderately helpful when...

Study abroad worth the cost

October 5, 2016

[media-credit id=178 align="alignnone" width="150"][/media-credit] Student questionnaires are often filled with questions like, “have you been out of the country? Where have you traveled? Have you...

Millennials keep up with news more than you may think

September 28, 2016

[media-credit id=157 align="alignnone" width="150"][/media-credit] The upcoming presidential elections have a large number of us clicking on every featured article on Facebook concerning our favorite—or...

Vote Feingold this November for U.S. Senate

September 28, 2016

[media-credit id=184 align="alignnone" width="150"][/media-credit] Wisconsin is front and center in this year’s presidential election, but the state’s U.S. Senate race is just as pivotal. Incumbent...

Paleolithic diet AKA the “caveman diet”

September 21, 2016

Katherine Baird | The Advance-Titan Take a moment to think about what you eat from day to day. How many of those foods contain refined sugars (aka standard table sugars)? Salsa, bread, smoothies, barbecue...

Speak up in class

September 21, 2016

[media-credit id=157 align="alignleft" width="150"][/media-credit] The scene is a familiar one to students and professors alike—a classroom full of 60 people or so, a question hanging in the air,...

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