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Sports need new mascots

November 3, 2016

Choose to cut the ties with your social media applications

Katherine Baird

October 20, 2016

Filed under Columnist, Opinion

There are five minutes until class starts and you could either engage in a conversation with your fellow classmates, or you could check whatever message just popped up on your phone. Most often, students choose the latter. Smartphones...

The reason for dysfunction in Madison

Aaron Wojciechowski

October 13, 2016

Filed under Columnist, Opinion

With so much corruption and foul play in the Capitol, residents of Wisconsin are questioning the integrity of Governor Walker and the current legislature. As the people of Wisconsin begin to witness dysfunction and gridlock unfold...

As schoolwork piles up, self-care is crucial

Constance Bougie

October 13, 2016

Filed under Columnist, Opinion

Surrounded by project deadlines and class readings, it’s easy for students to forget that there’s a world outside Sage and Clow Halls. We get so caught up in a rhythm of working, sleeping, attending classes and taking breaks that there’s...

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