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City needs to make a compromise over rental inspections

Christopher Murphy

December 8, 2016

[media-credit id=218 align="alignleft" width="300"][/media-credit] “Renters have rights” are the words that come to the minds of most renters around the Oshkosh community when hearing the phrase “your homes will be searched,” even the ones who aren’t aware of their Fourth Amendment rights....

Benefits of required on-campus housing do not outweigh the cost

December 1, 2016

[media-credit id=157 align="alignleft" width="187"][/media-credit] Most sophomores at UW Oshkosh are forced into living in on-campus housing for a full year. This means that they are paying at least an additional $4,220 in housing alone, not including the required meal plan. Director of Residenc...

Graphic ads help to put a stop to smoking

Katherine Baird

December 1, 2016

Almost every day a person comes across some sort of non-smoking ad. Whether it is on TV, radio, internet or in a magazine, they’re everywhere. Some see them as ineffective, annoying, gross or unnecessary, but in reality they work. However, years ago these ads had a different purpose. One of the be...

UWO needs to help students stop overspending on books

November 17, 2016

[media-credit id=157 align="alignleft" width="300"][/media-credit] Each semester students spend around $400 on textbooks that they open maybe once or twice during the semester. For the average full-time, in-state student, a semester’s worth of tuition is $3,773, and that’s without a meal pla...

Take action to help fix our climate

Jarod Hoffarth

November 17, 2016

Right now, there is an enemy out there who is invading every single city and country, threatening to kill thousands of people, displace tens of millions and causing hundreds of billions of dollars worth of damage. The enemy I am talking about is climate change, and the devastating effects it is hav...

Illnesses don’t always have physical symptoms

Mariah Heyden

November 10, 2016

[media-credit id=157 align="alignleft" width="300"][/media-credit] Invisible illnesses can significantly impair the activities of one’s daily living; whether that is every day, in bursts throughout their lifetime or only for a period of time in their life. Invisible illnesses are defined as diseases or a period of sickness affecting the body or mind, wh...

Get educated on LGBTQIA+ community with S.A.F.E. Training

November 10, 2016

Students, Staff and Faculty for Equality Training is a program available at UW Oshkosh that helps make this campus more safe and understanding of the LGBTQ community. With the ever-growing LGBTQ community on the UWO campus, S.A.F.E. Training is something each person at UWO should consider taking part...

Harassment prevention training needs better execution

November 3, 2016

[media-credit id=157 align="alignleft" width="300"][/media-credit] What better way to get students to understand the severity of sexual assault, and the effects of drugs and alcohol than a required online training? UWO freshmen are now required to complete the online course titled Think About It o...

The right president for our daughters

Shayna Beining

November 3, 2016

[media-credit id=81 align="alignleft" width="300"][/media-credit] Recently, I was fortunate enough to witness a few of Hillary Clinton’s political advertisements that sparked an important fire under me – why Hillary Clinton is the right President for our daughters. There were a few political adve...

Sports need new mascots

Katherine Baird

November 3, 2016

If you’ve glanced at the news recently or know anyone who is from the state of Illinois, then it is safe to assume you know the Cubs are playing in the World Series against the Cleveland Indians. It’s been 71 years since the original Chicago baseball team made an appearance in the World Series and ...

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