News editor leaves her helmet behind


Susan Lor

Christina Basken, News Editor

Although it might sound cliché, saying goodbye is bittersweet. After three long years of being a photographer, staff writer, assistant news editor and eventually head news editor, I feel more ready for the “real world” than I ever thought possible.

I truly would not be where I am if it weren’t for the experience I have gained at the Advance-Titan and the help of my amazing mentors.

I like to describe Vincent Filak as the person who instilled the fear of God in me, Miles Maguire as the person who taught me how to tear apart court documents like nobody’s business and Barbara Benish as my supportive newsroom mom.

Over the years, I have met so many amazing people in this community through being a reporter. I have had the privilege to meet and write about Judge Barbara Key, uncover major scandals, provide a voice to minorities and keep the community updated with fair and balanced news.

I first came to the A-T as an awkward and shy individual who’d just transferred schools. And while I’m still pretty awkward, I feel as though I have found my wings. It was at the Advance-Titan where I really learned what my strengths and weaknesses were and where I learned the difference between reporting and reporting with passion.

The A-T has helped me land several internships and be confident enough in my skills that I could walk into any newsroom and know that I’ve got the grit and passion to make it. I would recommend the A-T to any student who is thinking about applying.

Thank you to Alex Nemec, Ti Windisch, Laura Dickinson and Morgan Van Lanen for all your support and help that got me to where I am now. Ti, you can’t get rid of me that easily; see ya at EAA! Thank you to Nikki Brahm, the best assistant (seriously you’re the bomb) and friend I could have ever asked for.

Thank you Calvin Skalet for always challenging me to step outside my comfort zone. Neal Hogden, thanks for putting up with my wonderful sportsball captions and jokes — I can probably add professional sports writer to the résumé now! Future employers, wear your helmets — hard-hitting sportsball cutlines ahead!

Jack Tierney, what a way to end senior year, covering a presidential event! Thank you for all your support at the Trump Rally. You’re going to make an excellent editor-in-chief in your final semester!

Frankie Rabas, thank you for being my savior on more than one occasion!
Elizabeth Pletzer, thank you for your classic “eye-roll” commentary on literally everything. Jordyn Schraeder, I’m so glad I got to work with you and eventually call you my friend.

I am going to miss those long, sleep-deprived, coffee-induced production nights followed by zombie-walking to Molly’s to celebrate with everyone.

It’s been a wild ride. Off to the next adventure!