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Carter Uslabar / Advance-Titan
Heidi Docter joined The Advance-Titan as a copy editor in fall of 2019. She became the Copy Chief in spring 2021.

Copy Chief adorns wizard hat for last time; cries

Heidi Docter, Copy Desk Chief May 5, 2021

I joined the revered, award-winning, infamous Advance-Titan back in fall 2019 as a wildly inexperienced copy editor. The only editing experience I had was as a tutor at the Writing Center, which, let me...

Carter Uslabar / Advance-Titan
Grant Hunter served as The Advance-Titan’s Web Editor for the spring and fall 2020 semesters before transitioning into his current role as the publication’s Social Media Manager in spring 2021.

What do you mean ‘headline’? Who the hell are you people?

Grant Hunter, Social Media Manager May 5, 2021

Ladies and gentlemen I invite you to break from the norm and for a moment pay attention to the man behind the curtain. Avid Advance-Titan readers would see me and never recall a single story of mine. Well...

Heidi Docter / Advance-Titan
Carter Uslabar drew cartoons for The Advance-Titan’s staff editorials for two years before becoming the Arts & Entertainment editor. He became the Editor-in-Chief in spring 2020 and remained in that position through spring 2021.

Editor to overthink headline for last published piece

Carter Uslabar, Editor in Chief May 5, 2021

This is all Jack Tierney's fault—I just wanted to do more cartoons. For two years I did editorial cartoons (of highly variable quality) for The Advance-Titan's staff editorials. Toward the end of...

Carter Uslabar / Advance-Titan
Sophia Voight was a news reporter for The Advance-Titan for a semester before becoming the Opinion section editor. Beginning
in fall 2020, she served as the Assistant News Editor.

News editor realizes she majored in journalism: ‘Rats!’

Sophia Voight, Assistant News Editor May 5, 2021

A common spite made in our newsroom is “how could you be a journalism major and not work for your student newspaper?” Walk into most journalism courses and they’ll probably give you a speech...

Copy chief’s caffeine-addled hands type thanks to family, friends

Copy chief’s caffeine-addled hands type thanks to family, friends

Kaitlyn Scoville, Copy Desk Chief December 9, 2020

My college career began in September 2017. I was fresh out of high school and ready for a change. However, I was a commuter. I knew from the get-go that meeting new people and becoming active on campus...

Managing editor wakes up, groans

Managing editor wakes up, groans

Joseph Schulz, Managing Editor December 9, 2020

Fall semester two years ago, during my junior year at UW Oshkosh, I made a series of decisions that would inevitably change the entire trajectory of my life. I had just moved out on my own, I was working...

We'll make it through this ... together

We’ll make it through this … together

Allison Russotto, Photo Editor May 11, 2020

We all know graduation is canceled and some of us don’t get to leave college how we were expecting. There is no walk across the stage, no celebration parties and no closure. But yes, I will still...

Courtesy of Kate Sawyer

Finding my footing at UW Oshkosh

Kate Sawyer, Columnist May 6, 2020

I never thought I would be saying goodbye to Reeve 19 from a computer screen, instead of celebrating alongside the A-T team with the ruins of pizza spread around the newsroom. Amid a global pandemic, unique...

Lauren sitting on the Sage Hall sign, as majority of her Journalism classes were here.

Web editor says goodbye

Lauren Reidinger, Web Editor May 6, 2020

I can still remember my first day walking to classes as a freshman at UWO. I was totally lost on where the labs were in Clow, wondering where I could find time to eat lunch in between 10 minutes of passing...

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