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Calling all crime junkies!

Calling all crime junkies!

Katie Pulvermacher, Editor-in-Chief
December 6, 2023
Courtesy of Heidi Nicholls - Students from Heidi Nicholls’ Ethnographic Methods class serve as student researchers for the Inclusive Excellence and Sense of Belonging Research Project. Various
tasks they perform include developing interview questions, analyzing focus groups, writing field notes and drafting research papers from findings.

Doing right by students

Katie Pulvermacher, Editor-in-Chief
November 29, 2023
Courtesy of A-T Editors / Parents often stress over choosing a baby name. Some names follow trends, while others are unique. Above are the baby photos of The
Advance-Titan editors. Can you guess who is who?

What’s in a name?

Katie Pulvermacher, Editor-in-Chief
October 4, 2023
Source: University websites or Board of Regents August 2023 Meeting Book

[Photo] How did we get here?

Josh Lehner, Assistant News Editor
September 20, 2023
Courtesy of UWO Flickr- John Koker has spent the last 32 years as an employee of UW Oshkosh. He has been provost at the university since 2017 and will retire after spring 2023.

‘I am still learning’

Katie Pulvermacher, Editor-in-Chief
May 3, 2023
Courtesy UWO Archives — A banner announced activities during Black History Week, which has since been expanded to a month-long event.

Celebrating Black History Month

Katie Pulvermacher, Editor-in-Chief
February 15, 2023
Katie Pulvermacher / The Advance-Titan-- UWO third-year Margaret Villagomez fosters three kittens from the Oshkosh Area Humane Society. Jane, Abby and Natalia keep her very busy.

Save a kitten this holiday season

Katie Pulvermacher, Managing & News Editor
December 7, 2022
Advance-Titan File Photo-- March’s name has yet to be added back to the UW Oshkosh and UW-Madison campuses, even after new complaints.

March still given the blind eye

Katie Pulvermacher, Managing/News Editor
November 9, 2022
Photo courtesy of Vince Filak-- Dr. Filak poses next to family in celebration of his award.

Filak wins ACP Pioneer Award

Katie Pulvermacher, Managing/News Editor
November 2, 2022
Photo illustrations courtesy: Daniel McKearn

OSA President and VP hope to help students find community

Katie Pulvermacher, Managing Editor and News Editor
September 28, 2022
Photo creds: Katie Pulvermacher / The Advance-Titan -- Carrot & Kale is a juice bar located on Algoma Blvd in Oshkosh.

Carrot & Kale provides fresh experience

Katie Pulvermacher, Managing/News Editor
September 21, 2022
Photo: Morgan Feltz / The Advance-Titan — The Oregon/Jackson Street bridge is under construction until the end of September. Until then, no foot traffic or vehicles are able to pass over it.

Nearly 7% of Wisconsin bridges ‘structurally deficient’

Katie Pulvermacher, Managing Editor and News Editor
September 14, 2022
Photo: Charlie Bruecker / The Advance-Titan —
Custodians, grounds and maintenance crews, faculty, staff and others marched around campus on Tuesday to stop UW Oshkosh from outsourcing jobs.

‘Keep our jobs here, keep our people near’

Katie Pulvermacher, News and Managing Editor
September 7, 2022
Photo: UWO Flickr

Titan Thunder Band debuts on Saturday

Katie Pulvermacher, Managing Editor and News Editor
August 31, 2022
Josh Fannin / Advance-Titan

UWO back in ‘the green’

Katie Pulvermacher, News Editor
November 17, 2021
Courtesy of OSA
OSA election winners President Jacob Fischer and Vice President Caprice Swanks plan to focus their
campaign goals on student involvement and mental health.

OSA election results

Katie Pulvermacher, Staff Writer
April 7, 2021
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