Welcome Back Students


Hannah Preissner / Advance-Titan

About 10,734 students are enrolled at the University of Wisconsin Oshkosh for the fall 2019 semester.

Welcome to the University of Wisconsin Oshkosh, new and returning students. Welcome also to the students at the access campuses at UWO Fond du Lac and UWO Fox Cities.

UW System policy tells UWO to better accommodate students for their academic and personal success as a marketplace of ideas through its embrace of the “widest dialogue” in diversity, expression, religion, color, culture, differing opinions and related principles of academic freedom under the First Amendment.

It is a campus with four colleges: Business, Education and Human Services, Letters and Science and Nursing. The campus has nationally ranked programs in nursing and business. It has counseling services with extended programs each day, a student recreation center with courts for each sport, a staff of professional educators, more than 180 student organizations and career opportunities for those who want it.

If you are new to campus, there is a lot to learn and catch up on. Reading the Advance-Titan’s weekly news is how students, faculty and staff stay up-to-date on campus news.

Following the Advance-Titan, Reeve Union Board and UWO Today on social media keeps students informed. Checking your online mailbox daily for Titan Alerts and Student Announcements makes you aware of security updates and upcoming events.

Asking professors is an easy way to get an answer if you’re struggling in any of your classes, but it shouldn’t be your first step. Asking peers, dorm room neighbors or classmates develops social skills that help cultivate a pleasing personality.

Attending free campus events is another way to make new friends and develop new interests.

Getting a job at UWO is another way to make friends, and as an equal opportunity employer, everyone is entitled to an application and chance as well as appropriate workplace conditions.

The Advance-Titan welcomes all student opinions and thoughts and reads letters sent to the editor. Write for stories published by an independent student newspaper.

No matter how you adjust to campus, knowing what is available and staying informed will help.

UWO welcomed two campuses, UWO Fox Cities and Fond du Lac, in hopes of offering more opportunity to people looking for betterment through higher education.

UWO-FDL and UWO-FC are UWO students who represent the University of Wisconsin Oshkosh and Chancellor Andrew Leavitt said it is a great opportunity for all of us to lift northeastern Wisconsin.

UWOFC has a historic planetarium that is open to all UWO students. The Barlow Planetarium is the second largest and second most attended planetarium in Wisconsin with 95 available seats and regularly scheduled tours and events.

UWOFDL has 42 acres of prairie to explore with an annual celebration of nature called Prairie Fest. The Gottfried Prairie and Arboretum was created to regrow native plants in northeastern Wisconsin that once covered the state.

Clow getting work done

UWO received money from the state to improve campus buildings, and Leavitt said the money will be spent on a phase two development in Clow modernizing the College of Education.

“We saw the impact the renovations did for the nursing program and now we are applying it to the College of Education,” Leavitt said.

The College of Education graduates nearly 25% of UWO students with COE alumni contributing in classrooms as well as social works, data.us showed.

“Wisconsin needs teachers and they need high school teachers,” Leavitt said. “Teaching is truly a calling, and we are doing our best to make sure students know about their opportunities here in education.”

UWOPD focusing early

University Police said they will be focusing on crosswalk rules and regulations in the early weeks of the semester, which means they will be instructing students to follow the rules of crosswalk signs.

Police officers will be at crosswalks ticketing and warning people who do not follow the rules.

Doing community police work means being friendly with the community, UP Chief Kurt Leibold said. “We encourage students to get to know us.”

Leibold said there are people who are driving on Pearl and High Avenue who need to get places, and students crossing the street recklessly disobeys community rules.

“We are trying to get the message out early so students can be informed and everyone can know the rules,” he said.

Election year in WI

Wisconsin is hosting the Democratic National Convention for the 2020 primary race, and politicians will be visiting UW System campuses.

State lawmakers are hoping to pass the new Campus Free Speech Bill that will issue strikes to students who demonstrate against speakers.

Under the bill’s rules, students get three strikes before a university would ask the student to leave. Making loud noises or otherwise disrupting a speaker’s presentation for a prolonged period would result in a strike.