Staying focused as weather warms is key

The climate on campus at UW Oshkosh changes, both literally and figuratively, as the academic year draws to a close. The weather finally starts to warm up while you struggle to maintain the momentum you’ve built through the first half of the semester to finish projects, term papers and study for exams.
However, there are some ways you can enjoy the spring weather and make sure you stay on top of your studies.
One option, if your work doesn’t require the use of a computer, is to work outdoors. Dull class reading or note taking is a lot easier to do with the sun shining. Vitamin D is also scientifically proven to boost seratonin, which means you would be in a better mood.
Even if you don’t decide to work outdoors, finding places to study that aren’t in the library is crucial. For whatever reason, everyone on campus remembers Polk exists during the last few weeks of school so your go-to table on the third floor is probably going to be occupied.
You should also make sure you’re taking breaks throughout a day of studying.
According to The Atlantic, the perfect formula for productivity is working for 52 minutes and then taking a break for around 17 minutes. Even though staying holed up in the library for hours on end might seem like a good idea, it actually does more harm than good. Taking a walk around campus in the middle of a study session is the perfect way to take advantage of nice weather and you can return to your studies refreshed.
Getting an early start to the day is another way to increase productivity in the warm months. Waking up a few hours earlier than normal on a weekend, while difficult, means you should be able to finish a decent amount of work before the sun goes down.
Setting goals and rewarding yourself once you reach them is an equally effective way you can push yourself to remain focused in the spring. If you have a six-page paper to write, tell yourself you’ll go blading by the river once you finish three pages. Not only does that set a target of completion, it gives you the motivation to get there.
The fact of the matter is, there are always going to be times we have to miss out on sunshine to get work done so, finally and most importantly, just bite the bullet and get it done. Don’t let spring fever ruin all the effort you’ve put in so far in the semester; there will be warmer and sunnier days once summer comes around.
Hang in there Titans. We’re almost finished.