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Why I deleted my social media accounts

Why I deleted my social media accounts
September 30, 2020

I deleted my personal social media accounts. All of them — Twitter, Facebook, Instagram — gone within the matter of a few minutes. It’s all been gone since Sept. 14 and I feel no different; I don’t...

In praise of physical textbooks

In praise of physical textbooks
September 30, 2020

I love textbooks. More specifically, I love physical textbooks. This may be because opening up a textbook at my desk with a notebook and pen is a part of school that I have become nostalgic for, or...

Reflecting on the legacy of RBG

Flickr — Ruth Bader Ginsburg
September 30, 2020

The History Club co-hosted a discussion of RGB’s on Sept. 29, 11 days after her death, to discuss her legacy. The guest speakers, professors at UWO as well as representatives from the Women’s Center,...

Six people you might see in your online classes

September 23, 2020

The Online Overachiever By the time the professor is done asking their question, this person has already had the “raise hand” button selected for 45 seconds. With an insatiable desire to prove their...

Kenosha area resident’s take on unrest

Photo courtesy Renee Sparks — Kenosha became the center of the social justice movement after Kenosha Police shot Jacob Blake seven times in the back.
September 16, 2020

On Aug. 23, I was in the middle of a weekend trip in Door County with my girlfriend’s family. The trip was going great, and the weather was immaculate. But while I was there, I saw a heartbreaking video. The...

What’s it like to be quarantined on campus?

September 16, 2020

It’s really easy to go from trying to fit everything into your schedule, making sure you can get where you need to go on time and trying to get ready what needs to get ready, to suddenly having to tell...

The Great ‘Titans Return’ hoax

UWO Flickr
September 9, 2020

As UW Oshkosh administrators guided members of the media through the socially distanced campus Sept. 1, Chancellor Andrew Leavitt told reporters his “top priority is going to be the safety and welfare...

Avoid parties so we can stay on campus

September 3, 2020

Nearly six months after the spring semester was moved entirely online, the campus is finally ready to welcome back students; but with this opportunity comes great responsibility. In order to adapt to...

To fly or not? Caution is always best

Kaitlyn Scoville / The Advance-Titan — Signs in airports remind travelers to social distance.
July 23, 2020

From July 18 to 22, my father and I decided to brace the rising national COVID cases to visit my sibling in California, whom we haven't seen in about six months. Our flight out on July 18 consisted...

Gerrymandering: Democracy’s greatest adviser or adversary? 

Gerrymandering: Democracy’s greatest adviser or adversary? 
July 14, 2020

In a democracy, it is the voters who choose the politicians to represent them in Congress. However, what if the politicians began cherry picking voters to increase their chances of winning? It’s been...

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