DJ DOM CITY is Oshkosh’s DJ

“I want to leave here with no regrets, knowing I made my mark.” — Dominick Covington

DJ DOM CITY is the first and only resident DJ of all three campus socials: Molly McGuire’s, Kelly’s Bar and French Quarter.

He’s the president of UW Oshkosh’s Omega Delta Phi Greek organization and the national undergraduate representative of Omega Delta Phi with jurisdiction in four of seven districts: the northwest, Central Plains, Midwest and east Texas.

He DJs campus events, men’s wrestling matches and men’s basketball games. He has an associate’s degree in marketing and in digital marketing from Fox Valley Tech and will graduate from UWO with a degree in organizational leadership.

Dominick Covington is a Marine who has served five of his six enlisted years and has been stationed in Virginia, San Diego and now Green Bay.

He was introduced to DJing by a friend of a friend while living in Arizona. He moved to Arizona after graduating high school and the friend he met was touring all along the west coast.

“One day, I saw what he was doing and said,‘Alright, that’s what I want to do,’” Covington said. “I always knew I wanted to do something in music, and six years later here I am, DJ Dom.”

Covington said he enjoys the work of DJing weekly at the campus’ best spots, but said getting to that level didn’t come without hardship.

“There was a time when I got phased out of Molly’s,” Covington said. “I don’t know why, probably because I was newer, but I wasn’t at French either, and Kelly’s wasn’t having a DJ at the time. So I had to figure out what to do next, and after doing the events with [UWO], which got me noticed with the athletic teams, I made my name again, and that’s when people started to realize that Dom is the best DJ in town, and that’s what got me solidified with where I am today.”

Covington said his success was influenced by his mentors, DJ Roc and JB, who taught him how to find his own sound.

“I looked up to them, and I thought, ‘I want to be that, I want to be like them’ and they hated that because they wanted me to be my own guy and my own DJ, and after I thought about it, I realized they were right because I am different than they are and I have my own experiences, and I gained a new respect for them after that,” Covington said.

Covington said keeping an ear to the street and having a creative mind are some of the things that help him perform.

“It’s tough here because it’s based off what people want to hear, and that comes from what’s playing on the radio,” Covington said. “I try to find what’s hot and what I can remix into my own style.”

Covington said he listens to a broad range of music and said he picks up on things others don’t.

“I listen to all types of music,” Covington said. “You’ll even find me listening to country music. If I like what a song is saying and giving to me, I’ll like it. I listen to music on a microscopic level. I listen to the transitions, the notes that go into it, the overall ins-and-outs that go into the song. I listen to what’s below the beat.”

Covington said he carries a light set because he often performs at one spot one night and another spot the following night.

“Two Gemini speakers and a sub that comes with it, I have three controllers that comes with it, and I have a tracker controller S3, the newest one that came out, and all the wires and the powerboard,” Covington said.

Covington said DJ G-spot and DJ Roc were the two prominent DJs in Oshkosh before he came around. He said they were also the two DJs who opened up doors for him and helped make his name, but said once they left, he faced new challenges.

“I hit that point where there were other DJs who saw me as a threat, and they did the best they could to hinder my growth, and I didn’t know how to handle that, but what I learned was that the grind doesn’t stop when something is in your way,” Covington said.

Covington said because he travels so much with Greek Life, because word-of-mouth can be so strong, and since his social media presence has gone up, he’s gotten opportunities that never would have been presented before.

“It’s all through Greek Life that I’ve gotten to go around to these different places — Washington, Texas, Michigan — and play,” Covington said. “Usually, they’ll have somebody drop out, or they’ll know a place, and I’ll be there with my equipment. That’s just all helped get my name out there.”

Covington said he has events scheduled through March with Molly McGuire’s, has special events planned with French Quarter and has work with Kelly’s Bar all coming in the spring. On campus, he’s DJing for the UWOPD cornhole event coming up in March. He works with the multicultural organization on campus too and said there will be events with them in the spring.

“Once it starts warming up, that’s when the events start happening, and that’s when you’ll start seeing me a lot,” Covington said.