Former Sodexo employee to serve 90-day jail sentence


Karen Anderson

Karen Anderson, the former head accountant for Sodexo Services at UW Oshkosh, will serve 90 days in jail and two years’ probation for stealing about $300,000 from the company, according to Winnebago County Judicial Associate Lisa M. Wolf.

Anderson was ordered to pay fines of $285,337.14 to Sodexo plus a 10 percent surcharge of $28,533.71, totaling $313,870.85.

Anderson was sentenced by Judge John Jorgensen in Winnebago County Circuit Court on Monday.

Anderson cashed 159 checks made payable to Sodexo from 2010 to 2015 and was fired from the company in January 2016.

Anderson worked for Sodexo for 13 years until she was caught inputting more hours in payroll than she worked, costing the company $3,000 that she later repaid.

Anderson cashed deposit-only checks at U.S. Bank on North Main Street by telling the bank teller that the check was going to two different places.

She continued to do the same thing every time she would cash a check meant for Sodexo.

Anderson used most of the money for her family including basketball expenses, hotels and bills.

Anderson’s friends and family submitted letters to the court vouching for her character, saying they believe she feels shame and is a good person.

University Police detective Michael Bartlein stated on Jan. 18 that Anderson admitted to stealing from Sodexo. The complaint against Anderson was filed on March 21.