Kasper goes professional

After a four-year career in which many school records were set and broken, Brett Kasper will become a professional football player in Germany, suiting up in a navy blue #12 jersey for the Nürnberg Rams.

Former UW Oshkosh Titans’ quarterback Brett Kasper signed a professional contract with the Nürnberg Rams of the German Football League 2 on Thursday, March 29.

Located in Nuremberg, Germany, the Rams are part of the professional 16-team German Football League 2, which is the second tier of the German Football League. However, both leagues abide by American football rules.

In the GFL 2, there are no champions determined. Instead, the teams are playing for a spot in the GFL the following season where there is a playoff system in place.

The Rams are part of the Southern division and play in the open-air stadium called Zeppelinfeld.

Brett’s mother, Linda Kasper, said Brett had always kept playing in Europe as a backup option if there was no interest in him at any level in the United States, so the news was not a surprise to their family. In fact, two GFL teams were interested in Brett.

Brett chose the Rams, and with their season starting later this month, Linda said the process happened very quickly.

“We actually heard about it on Friday, March 23, and then by the next Wednesday we were putting him on a plane to Germany,” Linda said. “The Sunday before he left the second team was calling and we were out for breakfast after church and we just looked at him and said he has some decisions to make. He then just took it from there.”

The Rams only allow four American players on their roster, two on defense and two on offense. With Brett being one of those players, his father Ken Kasper said he believes one of the things his son is most excited about is being able to play football with players from different places.

“He looks at it like just the experience of being able to see that part of the world,” Ken said. “Brett is excited to be in Europe for six months, travel and get paid while doing it.”

Ken also said Brett’s roommate for the season will be from a familiar rival and just one of the two Americans on the defensive side of the ball as defensive back.

“One of the defensive players that committed to playing there is from Whitewater,” Ken said. “It’s kind of unique that the two were from rival schools their whole careers and now they’re going to be roomates.”

Titans head coach Pat Cerroni said he is excited for his former quarterback and all that is to come for him.

“We’re all happy for him,” Cerroni said. “It’s the opportunity of a lifetime to go to Europe and travel.”

Cerroni said he is glad Kasper is able to showcase his talents in a professional league and is anxious to see it play out.

“I’m just happy that he has the opportunity to take his talents overseas,” Cerroni said. “I’m just excited to see what his story is when he gets back.”

Linda said she has been able to talk with Brett since his arrival in Germany and said in the few days he has been there he has been having fun.

“He said everybody has been super nice and the coaches have been as well,” Linda said. “He said the teammates he has met so far have been very inclusive. He is happy.”

The Rams begin their 2018 season on April 29 coming off a 2017 season finishing with an 8-4 record.