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Independent Student Newspaper of UW Oshkosh Campuses

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Independent Student Newspaper of UW Oshkosh Campuses

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UWO alumni premiere new play

Courtesy of The Constructivists The cast of “A Cappocalypse!” are rehearsing for their play’s debut about an Oconomowoc a cappella group facing the apocalypse.

Five UW Oshkosh alumni, Breanne Brennan, Kellie Wambold, Andrea Ewald and Matthew Scales, are involved with the premiere of a new play, “A Cappocalypse!”

The play was released March 23 and will run until April 6. 

Playwrights Andrew Hobgood and Joe Lino, with development help from The Constructivists, created a local production about an a cappella group from Oconomowoc facing the apocalypse.

The Constructivists, a Milwaukee storefront theater company founded by Jaimelyn Gray, are known for their dark humorous productions like this one.

Gray said it’s important to find local people to participate in this play because of where it’s located.

“Since the play takes place in Wisconsin, we thought it would be a good opportunity to reach out,” Gray said.

Not only does the play have participants who graduated from UWO, but Gray is also a proud alumna, who went back to school at 26. 

“I was grateful to have the access to the theater that the department provided, right around the corner from my house essentially. I find myself carrying the torch for non-traditional students, moms and for students who need that access that Oshkosh provides.”

Gray encourages students to realize that leaving the state of Wisconsin isn’t the only way to live out their dreams.

“UW Oshkosh is the school that helped me fulfill my [theater] dreams,” Gray said. 

Kellie Wambold is an actress in the production and alongside Gray, she said she believes that this play allows people to fulfill their dreams.

“[This play] outlines just how many ways there are to fulfill dreams,” Wambold said. “There’s just such a microcosm in Milwaukee … where artists are doing really passionate work. Producing art that is new, real and says something that isn’t just a regurgitation of … theater standards has been really fulfilling with this show.”

Breanne Brennan is the sound designer for this production and studied radio/TV/film at UWO; she said that there’s an interactive feel to the play. 

“What’s interesting about this show is that there’s an immersive aspect about it,” Brennan said. “[I like] tying sound design into that immersive experience.”

Gray encourages everyone to make the trip and come and see the play.

“The point that we like to try to make is you can make great art anywhere,” Gray said. “You don’t have to drive all the way to Chicago to see a great product. There is a pride that exists of coming from Oshkosh and continuing in your fields that you’ve studied, and all of us are doing that.”

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