“Osh the Record” broadcasts live

Holly Koenitzer

Titan TV broadcasted the first live, student produced talk show, “Osh the Record” on April 7 in Taylor Hall. According to UW Oshkosh student and creator Reegan Wallander, “Osh the Record” is a one-time special broadcast and a new opportunity for Titan TV. It gave Titan TV a chance to use its broadcast equipment for something other than a live sporting event. “When people see our equipment, they always get curious and want to know what it is,” Wallander said. “We hope that when residents walk through their residence hall, they will see everything going on and then go turn on Titan TV.” “Osh the Record” was filmed in Taylor Hall so as many students as possible would watch, as well as get them in on the show with games and opportunities to win prizes. The hosts of the show included Wallander, Sherry McMahon and Ben Rehn. Auditions had been held to select the hosts, and according to Wallander, the show had more than one host so discussions could happen during the show. “I couldn’t be happier with the hosts,” Wallander said. “We all get along very well and they’re very easy to talk with.” According to McMahon, Titan TV has been broadcasting for around 30 years. During this time, students have been able to get involved with an awesome club that not only gets them ready for the real world, but it’s also a blast. “You know, we go to an incredible university,” McMahon said. “We have so many ways to get involved and you can truly be who you want to be here. I really hope the viewers will appreciate how great a campus UWO is and how many great opportunities there are.” The topics covered in the show were relatable and focused on subjects that would interest UWO students, according to Wallander. “We talk about our childhood memories as well as where we think the world is heading since we are the next generation to get into the workforce,” Wallander said. The show concluded with a guest appearance from Chancellor Andrew Leavitt, who presented a science experiment. “I was invited to appear on the show and was delighted to do so,” Leavitt said.