Students learn swing dance in a laid-back environment

Tyler Cox

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Swing Dance Club allows students a place to learn swing dance without the cost of lessons. Molly Raisbeck, a leader and instructor of the club, said her fellow leaders are simply glad to have people come and have fun together. “I enjoy dancing and sharing my passion with others,” Raisbeck said. “It’s a fantastic distraction from life.” Raisbeck said she takes a more laid-back approach to the routines because she knows not everyone can make it to every lesson, and dancing isn’t easy for everyone. The leaders of Swing Dance Club give step-by-step instructions for the routine they’re working on that day. Dancers choose a partner, and the dancing goes full swing. If any of the student dancers have problems with the routine, the leaders come over and they work it out together. Member Sarah Gargano, was new to the club and said it’s fun and a useful skill for her to use in life. “I’ve never done swing before, so it’s fun to learn new moves and dancing with partners is fun,” Gargano said. “I wanted to dance, so I took up swing dancing. Learning how to dance with someone and showing off at parties is what I’m looking forward to take away from this club.” Another Swing Dance Club member Brandon Thomas said he really enjoys swing dancing because it inspires him, and it led him to try something new. “Swing dance is what got me into dance,” Thomas said. “I came with no experience, and this club turned me into a dancer. The best part of it is that it’s exercise that’s easy and fun, it gets me active, and it’s something fun to work on aside from classes.” Raisbeck said the dancing is not just good for skill building, but also meeting people. “You get to dance and socialize for an hour and relax,” Raisbeck said. “It’s a great time to laugh and pull through the struggle of dancing together. [It’s] a fun time where people can be themselves and maybe express themselves through dancing.” Swing Dance Club meets Tuesdays and Thursdays at 8:30 p.m. in Albee Hall and Pool.