RUB hosts fifth annual music fest

Michael Semmerl

Reeve Union Board hosted their fifth annual concert, WISCO!, on March 10, which consisted of six different bands, including last semester’s Battle of the Bands winner, The Present Age. “The thing that sets WISCO! apart from other Local Live Music Nights or just having concerts out here in general is that we have six different bands, six different types of genres,” RUB member Jakob Tisdale said. “There’s something for everyone, and they can stick around and expose themselves to something new.” According to Tisdale, the event provided popcorn, snow cones and prizes to students in attendance. “Organizing a theme is the most difficult part because you have to find, not only decorations, but also novelties and posters and all sorts of fliers that coincide with the theme,” Tisdale said. This year, the theme was a Marvel/DC Comics mash up. To promote the event, RUB provided the campus with a video, posters and an Xbox game for students to play that were all related to the theme.