Showcase highlights student musicians

Marcella Brown

Titan underground featured five students who performed using the guitar, ukulele, piano and their voices in a singer/songwriter showcase on April 7. Alyssa Johnson, who performed using her vocals along with her ukulele, said she likes to exaggerate on personal experiences when writing her music. “I sang a song that I call ‘Stranger Love’ which is all about a one-night stand, but that story never actually happened,” Johnson said. “I just kind of come up with my own stories and go from there.” Johnson said she started playing the ukulele three years ago after discovering that her hands were too small for a guitar. “I bought a really cute looking one off of amazon,” Johnson said. “It was blue and had pineapples all over it.” Johnson said her musical style is along the lines of punk-rock. “I guess I’m still figuring that out,” Johnson said. “Let’s just go with uke-pop-punk.” Raven Wilson performed vocals alongside Zach Dunton on the guitar. The duo goes by the stage name, What the Skyline Hides. Wilson said she and Dunton have always shared a love of music and began performing together this past summer. “I was a music major when I started here, so it’s something that I don’t carry professionally but something that I can still be involved with in my personal life,” Wilson said. Collin Brault performed using his vocals and guitar, singing songs inspired by his girlfriend and playing songs inspired by nature. “My favorite piece is called ‘Rain’,” Brault said. “I just love mother nature and being able to write songs that capture what it’s all about to me.” Brault said he started playing guitar about a year and a half ago and started writing his own songs around the start of the school year. Zachary Miller used a keyboard something he’s done since he can remember. Miller said that he’s been playing the keyboard ever since he can remember. “I probably started around five years old playing keyboard, but I didn’t’ start singing until around freshmen year of high school,” Miller said. Miller said he doesn’t think anything in particular inspires his music. “I just play the piano and when the chords fit, songs just kind of happen,” Miller said. “If I hear a tune in my head I’ll just sing random stuff until it clicks.” UWO student Kim Deringer said she also enjoyed Miller’s performance. “It really made me look up from my phone when he started playing,” Deringer said. “His first few notes made me want to hear more.” Reeve Union Board member Jessy Fedie said she enjoys events like the singer/songwriter showcase the most because it brings out student talents. “I think it’s cool for other students to see their peers and kind of inspire them,” Fedie said. “It sends the message that they can try these things too and maybe pursue music as a career or a hobby.”