Circle K organization offers volunteer opportunities for UWO

Marcella Brown

Circle K, an international organization on campus, focuses its efforts on service, leadership and fellowship. Katelyn Fladten, co-president of Circle K, said the organization has done a lot of volunteering in the past with places such as New PAWsibilities, the Oshkosh public library and the YMCA. “We like to have our members give us ideas for service projects and volunteer activities so that we are volunteering for causes they are interested in and care about,” Fladten said. Fladten said students are welcome to attend meetings every Tuesday at 6 p.m. “The nice thing about our club is there isn’t an hour requirement,” Fladten said. “Even if students can’t make the meeting times, we can email them the service opportunities and they are more than welcome to come to whatever events they can.” Fladten said Circle K also holds retreats and workshops for its members, helping them develop leadership and social skills. “In the past we have made cards for sick children, made dog toys out of old t-shirts and have cleaned up trash around campus,” Fladten said. Larissa Jaech, a member of Circle K, said the organization is planning on getting involved with the community in various ways in the coming semesters. “One big project we would like to do is build a learning trail for kids at the on-campus daycare,” Jaech said. “This will need a lot of fundraising, so that will also be a big focus for this coming year.” Katherine Senn, another member, said another perk is getting to know other Circle K groups around the state through different networking and volunteer opportunities. “Each year, there is K Family Baseball Game, when Circle K members from around the state attend a Brewers baseball game together and have fun and part of the ticket price goes to charity,” Senn said. Senn said being a part of the organization is a convenient way to participate in volunteer work. “Being in Circle K has allowed me to meet so many awesome people, both club members with whom I have become good friends and people in the community,” Senn said. “I’ve been able to learn about and connect with the city of Oshkosh through my volunteer activities.”