Top 9 Tips To Survive Freshmen Year

Kellie Wambold

1. Join at least one campus organization. Organizations are a way to take a break from studying and pursue something you’re passionate about. Some organizations also help build leadership and field experience.
2. Don’t ask to go to the bathroom during class. Just quietly exit the classroom and return promptly.
3. Don’t be scared of the professors. They want students to succeed, so never be afraid to email them with questions. If you really need help, make use of their office hours.
4. Remember to go to class. As easy as it is to skip, it’s a nasty habit to form. Saving your absences when you wake up late will be worth it when you’re actually sick.
5. Make one friend in each class. For the days you do miss class, this friend will be a great resource for notes and important information. They can also be an automatic partner in class discussions.
6. Find a place to study that isn’t your room. There a lot of distractions going on in the dorms that make it easy to procrastinate. A change of scenery will create a more effective studying environment.
7. Call home at least once a week. Even if you’re not homesick, this will help prevent feeling far from home. Plus, your parents probably miss you, too.
8. Have a phone charger handy at all times. A fully charged phone is comforting when walking back to the dorms after night classes. A charger is also a great way to make friends.
9. Don’t take on too many responsibilities. There are several great opportunities on campus, but taking advantage of too many can overload your schedule and be overwhelming.
10. Remember to set aside time not devoted to class or organizations. Taking care of yourself is just as important as schoolwork.