UWO welcomes freshman crop

Erin Thompson

Freshmen students at UW Oshkosh said they were grateful for the university’s efforts to make their transition to college as smooth as possible.

“Meeting new people is so different, but I like it,” freshman Kendra Dombrowski said. “I am looking forward to meeting even more new people and making memories with them.”

Freshman Austin Alft said even though he feels high school is far behind, he is embracing the change.

“Professors make it easy to come to class,” Alft said. “It is much more relaxed and open than high school.”

Alft said he is enjoying the ability to take advantage of the diverse opportunities to get involved on campus, such as stepping out of his comfort zone by signing up to work for Titan TV.

“I don’t like to box myself in,” Alft said. “It’s important to try new things, especially in college.”

Freshman Alaina Verstegen said that although she is enjoying her newfound independence, she misses her friends and family from home.

“I don’t like that I’ll have to create a whole new group of friends,” Verstegen said.

Verstegen said she is doing her best to branch out by signing up to work for Titan TV as well.

Titan TV station manager Sean Becher said organizations like his are a great way to get involved on campus and meet new people.

“We welcome anyone even if you have little to no experience,” Becher said. “We are happy to teach anyone that wants to learn what goes into making TV happen.”

Alft said despite the first week stress, he is excited for the coming semester.

“I chose to come here because it’s close to home and had everything I was looking for,” Alft said. “I have had a great first week.”