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Students Get a Taste of Oshkosh

Allison Prusha

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An aerial photo shows UW Oshkosh students enjoying Taste of Oshkosh and all the clubs offered at the University.Hunter Thiel | The Advance-Titan

An aerial photo shows UW Oshkosh students enjoying Taste of Oshkosh and all the clubs offered at the University.

Taste of Oshkosh was held Tuesday, September 8 on campus. The event highlighted all the clubs and organizations the university has to offer. To do this, multiple tables with brightly colored signs and fliers lined the academic mall between Reeve Union and Polk Library.
Students walked down the line, listened to club advisers and members talk about their time with the club, and added their names and emails to sign-up sheets. There were also tons of free giveaways and candy to enjoy.
UWO provides a lot to the students in terms of clubs and organizations. There are academic clubs such as Kinesiology Club and English Club as well as clubs for different hobbies.
Others aim to keep you physically active at school by participating in sports like volleyball and rugby.
Like the major-specific clubs, there are other clubs and organizations that aid students in boosting their resumes. Some of them include Titan Volunteers and Habitat for Humanity.
Both are volunteer organizations that offer ways for students to take a break from the campus and immerse themselves within the Oshkosh community.
Whether a student joins an academic club or a club just for fun, it allows students to get involved on campus and within the community, and make the most of their time here at UWO.
If students did not make it to Taste of Oshkosh last Tuesday, the event will come together again at the beginning of the Spring semester and they will have another opportunity to sign up for various clubs and organizations.

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Students Get a Taste of Oshkosh