Campus implements new Single-Stream Recycling system

Jessica Zemlicka

The UW Oshkosh Sustainability Office introduced the new Single-Stream Recycling system throughout campus on March 12.

According to Sustainability Director Brian Kermath, the new system should be easier for those on campus because more items can be placed in the recycling bins.

“[The system] includes more things than the old system,” Kermath said. “It has expanded. More plastics will be taken than before. [Campus members] don’t have to think about sorting their recyclables.”

Kermath said the Single-Stream Recycling process would increase the rate of recycling for our campus.

“We should have less trash going into the landfill,” Kermath said.

Kermath also said the changing of bins was all done by students who work in the Sustainability Office.

According to Kermath, a complete list of what is now accepted in the recycling bins can be found on the Sustainability Office website.