Pagan Alliance talks dreams

Jessica Johnson

The UW Oshkosh Pagan Student Alliance held its third annual Dream Workshop on Monday, where the group discussed the history and construction of dream catchers along with the meanings and interpretations of dreams. According to the PSA mission-statement, it is a group of students following, or interested in, earth-based faiths that focus on education about different faiths and practices, and explores spirituality through mysticism and magic. PSA President Devin Matznick said the Dream Workshop is held because dreams are a topic a lot of students want to know more about. “It provides a safe place for people to come check things out, ask questions and learn. We are very pro-education,” Matznick said. According to PSA Vice President Tyler Hahn, awareness is one of the key things the group is looking for with visibility on campus. “The Dream Workshop is friendly enough for non-pagans to be welcomed in and inviting enough for them to enter our little group and get a chance to hear what we are all about when they normally might not be so inclined to do so,” Hahn said. Matznick said the Dream Workshop provides benefits for people on campus who want to know more about paganism. “We’re here to spread knowledge and awareness,” Matznick said. “We don’t tell people what to believe or what to think, we just want people to know, and for people to be educated.” Alumnus workshop leader Ian Unger said when he got into paganism about five years ago, dreams were something that he found very intriguing. “One of the things I found most interesting was dreams and the different meanings that they hold,” Unger said. “I had very vivid dreams growing up, so I decided experimenting on that would be a really good step into be beliefs as well as something I would find interesting.” Unger said he wants those without any knowledge on the subject to discover self-awareness through their dreams. “Since we all dream, even if we are not totally aware we are dreaming, it’s a very interesting way to get to know yourself and know what is going on in your own mind in a different level than what you think about when you are awake,” Unger said. Aimee Bergelon, a member of the PSA, said she learned a lot from attending the workshop. “I learned more about dreams, and that we really are connected to each other, which could be a good thing or a bad thing,” Bergelon said. Hahn said the groups also learn, teach and discuss different topics. “We touch on topics ranging from the religious aspect of paganism to the many different types of witchcraft, and we also discuss the difference between the religious aspect and the witchcraft aspect,” Hahn said. “We try to always discuss inclusivity.”