Party.0 promotes student sobriety

Katie Hanson

The non-profit organization Party.0 threw a sober party at the Old National Bank on Saturday April 11, which provided UW Oshkosh students an alternative to Pub Crawl. “Party.0 is a non-profit organization that throws large scale house parties without alcohol,” Chris Schierl, the leader of Party.0 said. “We have a DJ, competitions and prizes throughout the night, and there is no alcohol at the party.” Alison Teske, member of the Party.0 organization, said the safe atmosphere of the party is one of the factors that draws people in. “This gives people a safe environment to be in because they are able to have fun without worrying about alcohol or drugs,” Teske said. Teske said another factor that made the party attractive to UW Oshkosh students was the Flappers & Dappers 1920’s theme. “The theme was great,” Teske said. “It was really appropriate for the venue we were at. There were pictures on the wall from the movie, “Public Enemies,” and there was a sign that was used in the movie.” Teske said there were a mix of attendees in costume and those not in costumes. She said both groups still had fun. Kijana Webster, a bouncer at the party, said the activities really contributed to the atmosphere. Webster said they had Cards Against Humanity, Just Dance set up with a projector, a photo booth and food. UW Oshkosh student Chelsea Gawlik said she enjoyed her first Party.0 event. “There were a wide variety of things to do and the group running it was constantly interacting with guests which was nice,” Gawlik said. “I enjoyed the variety of activities the most.” Schierl said there is one main message that Party.0 is trying to get across to UWO students. “We are trying to portray the message that regardless of what you do, there is always another option for people to party and have fun while not being under the influence,” Schierl said. According to Teske, Party.0 is all about being accepted and having fun. “There are sometimes negative views on not drinking and people not being very accepting,” Teske said. “Here we are able to have fun without that negativity.” Teske said she is not sure if there will be another party this semester. “We are getting to the end of the semester when things start to get real busy, and there may not be time to have another one this semester,” Teske said.