App sheds BlueLight on safety

Jessica Zemlicka

BlueLight is a new safety app, providing additional safety measures for students both on and off campus. According to a press release from BlueLight, the app will share a student’s location in real time. The app will also alert a student’s preregistered contacts when the student has safely reached their destination. “The app also routes emergency calls based on location and alerts emergency contacts via text,” the press release stated. The press release stated, calls made from the app on campus would be directed to University Police, who will know the student’s exact location. “Off campus, calls get directed to 911 or local law enforcement,” the press release stated. Lauren Wilbanks of Team BlueLight said the app provides safety measures to ensure students that they are safe to go out after dark. “[BlueLight] wants students to make choices based on what they want to do, not what they’re afraid of,” Wilbanks said. According to Interim University Police Chief Christopher Tarmann, if the student using the app is on any floor of a building besides the first, the location services cannot determine which floor they’re on. Tarmann also said the app cannot reveal the severity of the emergency. “We would then have to call the police,” Tarmann said. “It would be more beneficial to directly call 911.” When the app is opened, students will not only see a map with their location, but also a request help banner. Student Lydia Hunger said she had seen the campus emergency towers, but the app adds an extra layer of safety. “The app gives me reassurance that help is just a few clicks on my smartphone,” Hunger said. According to, the app costs $9.99 per year after a free 30-day trial.