Female comedian closes age gap with students

Jessica Johnson

Carly Aquilino from MTV’s hit show “Girl Code” was featured as this year’s 2015 Homecoming comedian at UW Oshkosh on Oct. 14 in Albee Hall. The opener for the show was fellow comedian Sammy Arechar from Milwaukee, Wisconsin. Rachael Horkman, the RUB concerts and comedy chair said she thinks Aquilino will bring something fun and new to the campus. “She is the first female comedian UW Oshkosh has had for Homecoming and is closer in age to our students than past comedians,” Horkman said. Horkman said bridging the age gap between the students and the comedian will create an exciting atmosphere on stage. “We think she is going to be able to provide a lot of relatable and humorous content that will allow a greater connection with the students,” Horkman said. Junior Ashley Millenbah said she thinks it is awesome and empowering that Aquilino is the first female comedian at UWO. “I’ve seen Carly [Aquilino] on ‘Girl Code’ and think she’s hilarious, so I think it’s great that UWO got a girl comedian to perform,” Millenbah said. “I think her being a female comedian and doing what she is good at is a good inspiration for all of us girls.” Horkman said she thinks UWO junior Emily Peterson said she loves the fact that Carly is close to most college age people because it makes it more real for students. “I think we all want to hear about topics that we have gone through or are going through, so having a comedian draw on these personal experiences from a similar view point makes it way more entertaining to watch,” Peterson said. According to Horkman, having a member from “Girl Code” performing on campus will draw more students to the show. “She is different than some of the comedians we’ve had in the past, so I think people will be excited for a change of pace,” Horkman said. UWO freshman Renee Caron said watching Aquilino on “Girl Code” was the main reason she decided to attend the event. “It is Homecoming week, and my friends and I wanted to check out different events, so when I heard that she was this year’s homecoming comedian, I really wanted to go check it out and see if she’s as funny in person as she is on TV,” Caron said. Horkman said she thinks having a comedian during Homecoming is a great tradition because it is always a good time. “I think people really enjoy going to something like this with their friends,” Horkman said. “I mean who doesn’t like a good laugh?” Peterson said going out and seeing the comedian is a good way to be involved in Homecoming week, while also spending time with her friends. “School is getting busy, and so attending a Homecoming event and hanging out with my friends is a nice way to take a break from our hectic schedules and be entertained for a while,” Peterson said.