Top ten vendors UWO paid in 2015 fiscal year

Ti Windisch

1. Sodexo Services
Food is important, and it’s also expensive. UW Oshkosh pays more money to Sodexo, the company that manages the on-campus dining, than any other vendor. The University paid Sodexo $7,282,995 in 2015.
2. Wisconsin Public Service
Just like the students that attend college in Oshkosh, UWO has to first find money to eat, and then to pay the bills. UWO spends millions to keep the lights on–$2,466,877, to be exact.
3. UW Oshkosh Foundation
After paying for food and taking care of the energy bill, the next thing that UWO spends the most on any one vendor is the $1,633,552 given to the UW Oshkosh Foundation. That money goes to enriching experiences at UWO for students and faculty, and towards programs and campus facilities.
4. Follett Higher Ed Group
Spending money on “digital content and online course materials delivery” may not sound riveting, but it is necessary in the modern classroom environment. That digital content is apparently expensive–UWO paid $836,023 to Follett in 2015.
5. Apple Computer Inc
The biggest surprise about UWO spending a ton of money on Apple computers might be that there are four vendors who make more from the University than Apple. As any student knows, Mac computers are expensive. The University spent $721,135 on them last year alone.
6. Hewlett-Packard
There are tons of Apple computers on campus, but Hewlett-Packard has a sizable presence as well. Plus you can’t forget the printers that UWO students love to hate! The University paid HP $576,060 last year.
7. McGraw-Hill Education
It’s expensive to teach college classes. Many of the top vendors on this list provide teaching and learning materials to campus, McGraw-Hill is certainly among them. UWO paid them $560,551 in 2015.
Everybody’s favorite database to learn about six times in Polk Library as a freshman costs UWO a pretty penny. The useful resource for most research papers cost the University $467,760 in the last financial year.
9. Cengage Learning
Yet another vendor providing tools available to UWO students and faculty, Cengage Learning is all about engaging students, according to their website. For their engagement services, Cengage made a tidy $423,016 from UWO in 2015.
10. Time Warner Cable
That cable that comes with the dorm rooms is expensive. UWO spent $364,340 on Time Warner Cable last year. Interestingly enough, TWC made exactly $235 more than rival AT&T, whom UWO paid $364,105 in 2015.