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Freshman students required to take Title IX training

This fall, the incoming class at UW Oshkosh was required to take the CampusClarity training issued in September relating to sexual misconduct under Title IX of the Education Amendments Act of 1974.

The training was online, containing many different scenarios and interactive components, according to Director of Equity & Affirmative Action Patricia Schrader.

“The online course included ​a lot of​ discussion about what constitutes sexual violence including sexual ​harassment and sexual​ assault,” Schrader said. “​The course ​notifies students of our campus-specific policies and encourage​s students to report incidents of sexual violence to the appropriate ​UW Oshkosh ​officials ​and law enforcement authorities​.”

UWO freshman Sydney Richter said she remembers taking the training earlier in the academic year.

“I guess you don’t get a lot of training or learn about this stuff in high school,” Richter said. “I think this will benefit the campus if people take this training seriously and watch the videos. It will be a positive impact.”

Richter said the training has, in ways, prepared her for her freshman year and what to expect among behavior happening in the dorms.

“I would personally say that while I haven’t experienced or heard of sexual misconduct happening around me, I would say that there is definitely a lot of alcohol consumption that relates to why they issue out the training,” Richter said.

Richter said she believes Title IX will have a bigger impact on more than just herself.

“Title IX means to me that by knowing the guidelines expected of you on a college campus, people will be able to know the consequences for their actions, making a positive impact on campus and in people’s lives,” Richter said.

UWO Dean of Students Terri Gohmann said due to Title IX being a federal law, the CampusClarity training is very important for students to know on campus.

“It is important for individuals to know what it means to be sexually assaulted or even yet how to not be a silent bystander,” Gohmann said. “One of our main goals was to have students know how to be an active bystander and help prevent sexual assault incidents.”

Schrader said UWO followed through with students, wanting everyone to complete the online course.

“​The training is required for all new freshman and transfer students at UW Oshkosh,” Schrader said. “If a student who was assigned the course has not yet completed it, they are sent a reminder email every day telling them that they are required to complete the course and offering the direct link to take the course.”

Gohmann said due to the success of the students completing the training this fall, the staff at UWO will be taking part in the training in the spring.

“Initially we rolled out the program for students in the fall, with the intent of having the staff take the training eventually,” Gohmann said. “A number of students involved in different UWO organizations such as CAs and rec and wellness staff have also had some training of some sort as well.”

Richter said she thinks the way the University putting holds on accounts was an efficient way to make sure the incoming class was aware of the CampusClarity course.

“I think putting holds on the accounts were very effective because then you had to do it,” Richter said. “A lot of times you see a survey emailed to you and think ‘I do not need to do this, it’s just another survey.’ I think this training was very important for students to take and could have great positive impacts from it.”

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